discover how much noise surrounds you with the Sound Meter app for Android

We live in an increasingly noisy world for which it has been necessary to impose rules to improve coexistence, and some of those rules have to do with the power of sound that we can emit before being "annoying" for others. Hence, being able to know how much noise there is around us becomes something interesting, not only for measure the noise that we emit but to know what we support.

You would be surprised to know that those moments of extreme silence in which we are able to focus on ourselves are not silent at all. Our hearing adapts and we are capable of confusing silence with an environment of more than 30 decibels. Now, we show you a very simple and free app with which know how much noise surrounds you.

Sound level meter, a very light and simple app

Sound level meter

Apart from the huge amount of positive scores it accumulates (more than 127,000 with an average 4.8 out of 5), one of the best things that can be said about the Sound Level Meter app is that it is tremendously light. And when we say it, we are not exaggerating. We talk about a gross installation of 2.8 megabytes that later, by dint of accumulating our historical measurements, grows very slowly.

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Sound level meter is capable of measuring a very wide range of sound. For example, the app itself warns that it is possible that very powerful sounds, over 90 decibels, may not be recognized depending on the quality of the microphone of our mobile phone, but we we have collected measurements up to 115 decibels in the analyzes in which we have used the app.


With Sound Level Meter we are talking about a very easy to use app, simply you have to open it, give it access to our microphone and it will be working, registering the volume of the sound that reaches our terminal. If we wish, we can press the 'Reset' button at any time to record specific situations. The app creates a graph in which it records the peaks and valleys of the sound, so that we can see its evolution.

Although the app is free, it carries ads inside it and offers us the possibility, through its options, of eliminating these ads by paying for the full app, which costs 1.99 euros. But can be used with advertising without any problem Well, we are not talking about intrusive advertising, but about ads that remain in the lower part of the interface. We leave you below the download links for Sound Level Meter.

Sound level meter

Sound level meter

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