Disabling this option in Spotify can help your music be heard better

If you use the app Spotify on Windows, macOS, Linux, or even Android or iOS, there is a setting that is active by default that seems completely harmless but is far from being so in some cases.

It's about the volume normalization, a Spotify feature they claim to enable "a more consistent listening experience." What this does is adjust the volume of all songs to the same level, but it's actually a bit more than that.

How to disable volume normalization in Spotify

For years the Spotify community has talked about how this little option can damage the listening experience for users, especially if you are Premium and have very high streaming quality active.

Because although it sounds like it is just a volume detail, the process can limit the dynamic range of the music and reduce its quality, not to mention that there are songs that simply need to be heard louder. In fact, Spotify itself recommends disabling this option to listen to the songs at the level that they were originally recorded..

Spotify preferences

Open Spotify Preferences

Doing it is very simple, if you are at the desk you just have to enter the preferences from Spotify. To do this, click on the menu button at the top, then on Edit and finally on Preferences. Or press CTRL + P if you are on Windows.

From the new window with options, navigate to the section where it appears Music quality and uncheck the box Normalize volume - equalize the volume of all songs.

HiFi or not HiFi: the test that tells you if your ear can differentiate between the quality of Spotify and the audio without loss (lossless)

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This setting is individual for each application, so if you have another computer or operating system, or you also use Spotify on your mobile, you will have to go to the settings of each one and look for the option.

On iOS and Android it is in the playback settings and can be found as Enable audio normalization. You just have to do the test and see the difference with your own ears. In addition, it is a function only for Premium users, so it affects precisely those who can raise the listening quality to the maximum.