Cortana says goodbye to the speakers

There was a time not long ago when Microsoft and its voice assistant Cortana saw themselves being part of our daily lives, being present in the objects of a smart home and knowing their users much better. But that dream for now is far from coming. Right now, a little further.

And it is that Cortana will take an important step back tomorrow: the Invoke speaker by Harman Kardon, which was the first and only speaker with Cortana that went on the market, has announced that tomorrow you will receive an update to disable Microsoft's digital assistant. As the company has explained "the Cortana service on the Harman Kardon Invoke will end in the next few months, regardless of whether the device receives the update."

Cortana's big plans


Microsoft had very ambitious plans for Cortana in 2016. As The Verge recalls, the software manufacturer talked about bringing its digital assistant to products typical of a "smart home" or to a smart office such as fridges, toasters and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices, but Cortana has never achieved that goal.

Getting rid of Cortana is easier than ever with the latest version of Windows 10

All that information could have helped the Redmond giant to get to know Windows users, individuals and professionals, much better, but even the GLASS thermostat (which came to compete with the Nest powered by Google), which was originally powered by Cortana has also said goodbye to the Windows assistant.

Goodbye Cortana: what's new for 2021


It should be remembered that Cortana is disappearing on iOS and Android too, and even on the Surface headphones themselves from Microsoft. Last summer, the virtual assistant from Microsoft that came to compete with Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon or Google Assistant from the Mountain View company announced that it would disappear on iOS and Android in early 2021.

As Microsoft announced, some Cortana features for Surface Headphones (first version) will be closed in early 2021.