Almost 10 years after its launch, about 200,000 people still use a Xiaomi Mi 2

Clubhouse is not yet on Android and Xiaomi could be ahead of it with its own alternative

With such a notable user base and no Clubhouse officially on Android, it might not be such a bad idea to get ahead of ourselves ... So will the new Mi Talk with audio included!

Maybe to celebrate your enormous success already become the third mobile brand globally, the truth is that Xiaomi has surprised today with the nth lurch regarding your Mi Talk messaging service, which officially closed a few days ago to now revive in the skin of another completely different service.

In fact, it is that as the colleagues of GizChina told us, the giant based in Haidian plans make Mi Talk a Clubhouse clone, the audio social network and probably the most popular app of the moment on mobile platforms, which unfortunately is not yet available on Android but which would come from the hand of Xiaomi in a service of similar functionality to which iOS users can already use.

The security of Clubhouse, the audio social network, could have been compromised

Clubhouse, the audio social network and surely the most popular mobile app of the moment.

At this point and as its popularity grows, it seems that already It is a priority of Clubhouse to bring its official application to Android, or at least that is confirmed by its own creator, although it does not seem like a bad idea to us that Xiaomi, with its huge user base, try to refloat your messaging app launching before anyone else a service similar to Clubhouse on the Android platform.

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The news has flown around Mi Talk after its closure, and it is that the very Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, fueled rumors and movements by starting a discussion on Weibo that in little more than a week registered more than 140 million readings and 130 million messages, a massive follow-up that from Xiaomi they appreciated announcing that very soon they would have a new interactive app to teach his fans.

Et voilà ... And is that Xiaomi has made us wait very little for the latest from their development team, who first posted a cryptic message announcing that "My Talk, start again", for now to announce that your app messenger becomes a voice chat aimed at professionals and users, something like a Xiaomi Clubhouse competitor.

My Talk disappears, Lei Jun comments about it on Weibo and the massive following of his fans makes the service reborn in a few days, but not as a 'messenger' but as a direct competitor of the popular Clubhouse audio social network.

Xiaomi Mi Talk

Xiaomi will resurrect Mi Talk, but as a Clubhouse clone that will arrive on Android before the original.

Xiaomi's product will be brand new and plans to be available on Android before the official Clubhouse app itself, and is that in fact sources close to the Chinese giant affirm that the versions for both Android and iOS are ready at least in a functional way while the service completes its development phases.

For now, in China it is already possible to download it, although works by invitation only and for registered phones by the employees of Xiaomi itself.

What we know to complete all the details that have transpired, is that no plans to transfer accounts or data from Mi Talk, but it will be a service that was born from scratch to accompany the MIUI experience of all Xiaomi fans. Also, it seems that Initially, some invitation accounts will be distributed in My Community to test it in a closed way, before a launch that will be in any case as soon as possible in this year 2021.

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