check your tax information online to be ready for this year's income tax return

The campaign of the income statement 2020 It does not start until next April 7, but since last March 24 it is already possible access our tax data Through the website of the Tax Agency and the application. It is not essential to do so in order to obtain the draft later and present the return, but your consultation may be useful to us.

This information reveals to us what data is available to the Treasury and also allows us to check if they are correct or not. This year, in addition, carrying out this consultation is especially interesting for those people who have been beneficiaries of a benefit, since it should appear reflected. Access tax data it also allows us to ratify or update our tax address, something also very important.

It is important to check if the tax data available to the Treasury are correct or not because these are the basis with which the draft of the income statement is prepared

All these data, which also collect bank accounts, real estate capital, capital gains or income, it is important that they are up to date and correct because with them the draft of the declaration is made.

How to access the tax data that the Tax Agency has

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To consult our tax data We must access the Income 2020 portal of the Tax Agency and click on the procedure Check your tax details that we will find in the section of outstanding procedures. It is important to know that we will need to identify ourselves and that we can do them with the Cl @ ve system, reference number, digital certificate or electronic DNI. Cl @ ve, in our opinion, is usually the best option for this procedure and many others due to its ease of use and here we show you how to register to be able to use it.

Once in the process, we will have to identify ourselves. If we do it with Cl @ ve or reference number we will simply introduce our DNI number. If we are going to access with a digital certificate or electronic ID, we will click on the link that appears just below.

Access With Your Dni Nie's Data And 14 More Pages

Choosing this last option and selecting the correct certificate, the DNI or NIE box will be automatically filled in. If we choose to identify ourselves with Cl @ ve PIN or reference number, after indicating the identification number we must enter the so-called contrast data: validity date for DNI, date of issue for permanent DNI or support number in the case of NIE. After that, we will click on Continue.

In the next step, the system will detect if we are registered in Cl @ ve and we will be presented with the available options in each case. However, although we are registered through this system and we recommend access through it, the Tax Agency website will also allow us to access with reference. Following the process with Cl @ ve, we will have to obtain the PIN and enter it; and if we do the same with reference we must enter the number or indicate that we do not have to generate a new one.

Address 1 Ratification

Ratification of domicile. / Tax agency

Once the identification process is completed through one of these systems, if it is the first time that we access the rental services for the year 2020 we will see a window that will ask us to confirm or modify, if necessary, the data of our usual address.

Done this, we can see the fiscal data 2020 that appear in the database of the Tax Agency at the time of the query.

Tax data2019

Example of tax data. / Tax agency

To access the information through the application for mobile devices of the Tax Agency we will have to identify ourselves, in the same way, with an Income reference number or with Cl @ ve PIN.

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