Best apps for teens to make friends

Do you want to chat and make new friends? Meet people near you and from other parts of the world with these free mobile apps.

All of us want to have friends, real friends! With which to share experiences and spend pleasant moments.

In times past, the choice of friends was in real time, in person; However, with the technological advancement and internet help, making friends is fast and a lot of fun.

And in the new generations, specifically the millennials, technology is something that is implicit in them. It is very common to see youth and teens managing and configuring mobiles, tablets and PCs with great mastery as if they were born with these devices.

Best apps for teens to make friends

Best apps for teens to make friends

In this sense and for the young people and teenagers meet new friends Various apps have been created to meet people and interact on networks: WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more. Next, the most popular among the new generation are the following:

Best free apps to meet new people

These are the apps teens are using to make friends

  • TikTok
  • Spotafriend
  • Meetup
  • Bumble
  • Ablo
  • MeetMe
  • Timpik

This list corresponds to a compilation of excellent apps that are favorite by teenagers to meet people from all over the world with common aspects, tastes and interests.


tiktok to get friends

TikTok has become the # 1 social network for making friends

TikTok is one of the best apps for teens and even for making new friends. The platform is of Asian origin and has been created in order to make and share short music videos or any random theme on the web.

His first name is Douyin which means in the Chinese language "shake the music”And has evolved in such a way that it has managed to reach platforms such as: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat. And although it has been baptized with this name, for the rest of the world it is called TikTok and is available for Android and for iOS. Sources claim that the app has surpassed 130 million followers and is still in progress.

Thanks to this app, many teenagers are able to produce, edit and upload videos and musical selfies lasting one minute, in addition to using musical effects and backgrounds quite interesting.

As if that were not enough, it has functions with artificial intelligence, filters and features of augmented reality; for something, it is highly demanded by both young and old, making it the ideal platform to make friends, jokes, dances and even viral challenges.

Spotafriend - Meet Teens App


Spotafriend is an excellent app dedicated to adolescents 13 to 19 years of age to meet friends in the environment, chat and grow social networks. It is very popular and 100% safe.

Now, if you want to add or accept friends, you just have to scroll to the right the photos of other young people, select one, send the request and wait for approval to start chatting privately.

It is available for free to Android and iOS and has a good number of followers, update every month and it has Premium plans with amazing features that are automatically charged to your iTunes account.



This is one of the apps most used by teenagers and it serves for get groups that live near you and that they have the same hobbies; therefore, meeting in person will be easy as you can agree meet in a specific place.

Among the interests they share in common in this app are health, technology, adventure, nature, cinema and, of course, family. In addition to join a group already created, you can form another to your liking. Actually Meetup has over 150 followers per minute.



Between the most popular apps among young people and intended for make friends could not miss Skout, an app that has been developed to give the fight the giant Facebook; with it you will be able to add friends from all over the world and hold live events.

His interface is very easy to use and presents a great similarity with FacebookIn turn, it has millions of users and its reputation continues to grow. If you want meet people and make good friends, this may be a good alternative for you.



Bumble is a multifunctional platform to find friends and even your better half

This application allows its users to use it for three specific purposes, not only to make friends, but it is also an excellent option to get love.

In addition, it includes an option that can help you get tutors to serve as a guide in your studies and in the workplace. These are the modes it includes:

  • Bumble: to get a special person.
  • Bumble BFF: for your followers to connect with new friends.
  • Bumble Bizz: It is used for users to get tutors, network, and prosper in their careers or studies. The application offers a clear, simple and safe service.


Open one of the best apps for teens

Ablo is ideal to meet people from different countries that includes chat with translation

It is a great app dedicated to meeting people from anywhere in the world and was awarded in Google Play in 2019 as application of the year.

One of its outstanding characteristics is that it has a chat with immediate translation; It also allows you to post videos to a feed to stream directly, interact with new people and make friends.

The main rule of Ablo is "Forbidden to flirt or flirt without the consent of the other person". This platform is completely free, although it has a payment method. In addition, it incorporates challenges that are awarded with Miles to climb rungs in the ranking.


MeetMe the best way to meet people

MeetMe connects you with people close to your location and common interests

This app is similar to Meetup and it serves for connect with people close to you, but here the group of friends expands because you can meet people of any age, nationality and interests.

It has been renamed in CNN, ABC News, BusinessWeek and CosmoGirl as one of the best sites to chat and meet nice new people. It's free and available to over 17 years old, although it also has Premium plans.



It is a tool that pursues professional as well as friendly purposes; it is an app for athletes looking meet other athletes, teams or delegates, apart from chatting with them and participating in sporting events.

You can open sports debates, share your triumphs, have at hand all the information regarding sports such as statistics and above all have a great time with similar people in tastes and interests.

These and many others apps for teens they await you in 2021; go ahead, access any of them and enjoy healthily meeting and making new friends. If you liked this article, take a look at these dating apps to flirt and find a partner.

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