Best Alexa games and how to play them (2021)

In addition to helping you with certain tasks, Alexa can also be a playmate. Find out how to play with her and what her best games are.

Alexa never ceases to amaze us: it can play the music you request, reserve a table for you in a restaurant, give you information about the traffic conditions in your city or remind you that tomorrow you have to water the plants. But do you know there is more? That's right, thanks to skills or Alexa skills, you can play with the virtual assistant from Amazon to games of wide diversity.

No more boredom if you have Alexa at home, play with her to entertain yourself in your free time. In this article we explain what should you do to play with Alexa and what are the best games that you can install in the wizard. We started!

Alexa games

Enjoy with Alexa and its best games.

How to play Alexa games

To play Alexa games you must first install them on your device. You will make it through skills, apps available on the Amazon website with which you can expand the basic functionalities of the virtual assistant. For activate or install these skills on your device with Alexa, follow these steps:

  1. Enter "Alexa Skills" on the Amazon website with your account.
  2. Scroll down until you reach the list of categories and click on "Games and curiosities".
  3. Select the game you want to install in Alexa.
  4. Click on the "Activate" button. Thus, the skill it will be activated on all your available Alexa devices.

Once the skill of the game, you just have to tell Alexa that you want to play that title to start the game. For example, if you want to play Chain Words, you would have to say "Alexa, open Chained Words".

In the description of each skill on the Amazon website you can learn additional information about the game, so we recommend you read it to know all the details and that the game runs smoothly.

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Top best Alexa games

There are many games for Alexa, to find out you just need to take a look at the "Games and curiosities" section of the skills of this wizard. However, it is likely that do not want to go testing each and every one of them to know which one is worth it.

To make your task easier, below We tell you about the best Alexa gamesThose that you should give a try if you want to have a good time of entertainment with the help of Amazon's assistant.

Trivial Pursuit Family

Who knows the most about the family? Put it to the test with Trivial Pursuit Family, a game in which you can compete with your family members answering questions from 6 different categories. It is not enough just to get hold of the cheeses of the 6 colors, you also have to overcome the final challenge. Install this trivia game and say "Alexa, launch Trivial Pursuit Family" to start playing.

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I see I see

The mythical I see I see is also available on Alexa so you can have a good time trying to guess what is in your house. After saying "Alexa, I want to play I See You", you will have to choose a room in the house, such as the living room or bedroom, for the assistant to choose an object that is present there.

Then it will be your turn to guess what it's about, although you can ask Alexa for a hint or change to another room if you can't get it right. The wizard will remember your record of correct words, so you will have to work hard to overcome your achievements little by little by playing I See You.

My Hero to Battle

My Hero to Battle is a simple, fast and fun role-playing game in which you will have to kill your enemies in a combat similar to "rock, paper or scissors". You will have the company of a leprechaun who will make this story divided into ten episodes much more fun. This Alexa game has automatic save system, so you can resume the game later without losing everything you have achieved.

Escape room

In Escape Room you will start the game trapped in a room you can't get out of. To achieve this, you have to use the objects in this present and solve puzzles that help you find the way out. A garage, a jail cell and an office are the currently available rooms, although new options will be coming soon so you can continue to test your escape skills.

Chained words

Improve your vocabulary by playing Chain Words with Alexa, a game in which you will have to do match the first letter of your word with the last pronounced by the assistant. Be careful, because it is forbidden to repeat words and time is running out quickly. Say "Alexa, open Chain Words and let's play with a letter" to start playing and improve your vocabulary like this.

Amazon Echo Dot

With the Amazon Echo Dot you can also play with Alexa.

Memory challenge

Do you think you have a prodigious memory? Prove it by playing Memory Challenge with Alexa, a game in which she will tell you a list of colors that you must memorize and repeat in the same order. Don't worry if you fail once, you have 3 attempts. Of course, you must bear in mind that the list of colors will get complicated as you progress to the tenth and last level.

Pass word

If you've always wanted to be a Pasapalabra contestant, this is your chance thanks to Alexa. Yes, on your Amazon device you can install Pasapalabra to face the complicated questions of Roberto Leal. You can play the 25 word rosco from A to Z or face another contestant in a duel to see who gets the most questions right.

True or false

A very simple, but entertaining game, for Alexa is True or False. Say "Alexa, open true or false and ask me a question" so that the assistant will ask you the first question, before which you will have to guess if it is true or false. Afterwards, Alexa itself will tell you if you are right and will add some more useful information on the topic. If you're bored with your friends and don't know what to play, True or False can be a great idea to see who can get the most questions right.

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Guess the movie

Test your knowledge of cinema with Guess the Movie, a game in which Alexa will read an original dialogue from a movie that you have to guess. For each movie you will have three attempts, in addition to having the possibility of asking Alexa to repeat the phrase or to give you a clue.

Statues game

Another game for Alexa that can help you have a good time of fun and entertainment is Game of the statues, have you ever played? Its mechanics are very simple: you have to dance non-stop Until the music stops, at which point you must hold still like a statue. Ideal for playing in large groups, this game is suitable for all ages.

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