Best 8 apps to learn to play the organ

Learn to play organ from your Android with the help of these applications.

Although there are countless applications to learn to play the piano, with the organ there is not much variety to be said. In addition, we are talking about an instrument that is difficult to learn if you do not have musical knowledge. For this same reason, today we will tell you which are the best 8 applications to learn to play the organ.

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You no longer need to leave the house to learn to play the organYou can do it with any of the apps that we will present to you below. Download the one you like the most and voila, practice makes perfect!

apps learn play organ

Best apps to learn to play the organ

Learn to play the organ with these apps

Perfect Piano

Perfect piano

Perfect Piano is an application to learn to play piano that you can configure with sounds of real piano, music box, organ, Rhodes and synthesizer. So far, it serves as one of the best apps to learn to play the organ that you will find in Google Play.

The learning mode has 70 sample songs, but its repertoire is constantly kept up-to-date. Record your melodies in MIDI, share them with your friends or set them as ringtones.

Real Piano

real piano

Although it is called Real Piano, this application allows you access organ, flute and guitar lessons. If you were looking for an app to develop your musical skills, then this one will meet your expectations.

Learn chords and music notes for freeregardless of whether you are a musician, amateur or a beginner. Configure the size and type of piano to your liking, with the 88 keys and 7 octaves that the app has.

Electronic organ to play for free

electronic organ

The best virtual and free musical organ. Electronic organ to play for free is an application in which you can learn to play this musical instrument from the comfort of your mobile.

The tool contains a wide variety of sounds commonly used in Latin America that result in high quality. Without a doubt, it is an application designed for people who love musical instruments and want to play the organ on their smartphone.

Piano keyboard and strings

piano keyboard and strings

Piano keyboard and strings

Piano Keyboard & Strings is a musical keyboard app for Android that features realistic sounds from ** more than 56 instruments among which is obviously the organ **. As the name implies, you can also learn to play stringed instruments such as the guitar, the violin, and the cello.

Explore two banks of instruments available for dual sound reproduction. If you were looking for an app that allows you learn to play organ and other instruments, then you will love this one.

ORG 2020

org 2020

ORG 2020 is an application to learn to play the organ that puts thousands of musical instruments at your disposal. The tool also features thousands of rhythms including intros, variations, fills, pauses, and actual chord pads.

Choose from 3 low latency methods in setup and connect to a real musical keyboard using a USB MIDI cable. Use your phone as a microphone with audio filters!

Organ Piano and Synthesizer - Musical Keyboard

organ piano and synthesizer

Organ piano and synthesizer

Do you like music and want to experience the real sounds of a concert musical organ? Well, here you will find a perfect solution that adapts to your tastes with the most popular sounds of the Latin genre: bells, cats, stacatos, fantasy, guitars and others.

Organ Piano and Synthesizer lets you change the sound in real time while you're playing. In addition, it has minimal playback latency and an easy-to-use interface. As if that weren't enough, it has a good design for playing live and some comfortable key movement controls. Sit back, relax and start learning to play the organ as soon as possible.

Game organ

game organ

Did you want to learn to play a musical instrument? Then install this app so that you can learn to play the organ from your Android. This is an easy-to-use game that sounds very nice and will allow you to polish your musical skills.

Gaming organ works on all screen resolutions with HD appearance. We are talking about a real organ with rhythms in the comfort of your mobile!


Organ for Android is a musical application that will make you live a fun experience in front of your mobile screen. The tool works as a real organ with tons of rhythms that you can enjoy and explore for free.

This application is designed to play live music from your smartphone. Enjoy listening to the electronic organ notes with studio sound quality. You can even play more than one note at the same time with the Multi Touch keys.

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On the other hand, we invite you to see this list with the best applications to learn to read scores and compose. In addition, you could also take a look at this article that explains how to play piano online with your mobile without downloading anything. Become a music legend!

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