Best 7 apps to learn to dance hiphop and breakdance like a pro

Do you want to dance urban music like a professional? Surely these 7 apps to learn to dance will be of great help.

Do you like to dance to urban style music? Then do not miss this compilation of the best apps to learn to dance Hip Hop and Break Dance in a short time and in simple steps. Join us!

Yes you have the music in your veins But you have trouble keeping up with the rhythm, don't worry, nobody is born learned. However, there are methods you can use to improve your hip movements, dance like a robot and be the soul of the parties.

So regardless of your age, condition or limitation, it is possible learn some steps that they can help you give unleash your body as long as you have passion, discipline and eager to learn.

6 good applications to learn to dance bachata with your mobile

Top apps to learn to dance Hip Hop and Break Dance

  • Breakdance tutorial
  • Hip hop dance guide
  • Break dance
  • Dance hip hop
  • Hip hop workout
  • Hip Hop School
  • Dance steps

It is never too late to learn some type of dance, especially when they go to the market every day new styles of music that make more than one vibrate. We recently showed you some options to learn to dance bachata with your mobile, but what about the urban genre?

Since we know that sometimes it is frustrating not to know the proper steps, we present you with a list of apps to learn to dance Hip Hop and Break Dance on Android, two youth music styles that are currently in the arena of popularity.

Breakdance tutorial

Breakdance tutorial to learn to dance

The best step-by-step guide to learn Break Dance

If you love learn to dance through a step-by-step tutorial, then Breakdance tutorial is ideal for you. This platform has 3 levels (Expert, Normal and Basic) where you can view a HD video series with real people showing movements that you can imitate from home.

It is especially recommended for those who want to start in the world of Break Dance, since it combines steps for all levels and completely free. One of the things that most attracts the attention of this app for Android is that you can use it in offline mode.

Hip hop dance guide

Hip hop dance guide

The real street art now available on mobile

If you stayed in the time where dance steps were sad and boring, then enjoy a new experience with Hip Hop Dance Guide. With this platform you will be able to transform your steps into the real street art and you will gain respect in the hip hop community.

In turn, it will show the best videos with choreographies adapted to all levels with impressive movements that will bring out the best in you, and better yet, you will learn to keep the rhythm on every occasion. It is completely free and available for Android.

Break dance

Break Dance to learn to dance hip hop and break dance

A very complete application to learn Hip Hop and Break Dance from professional dancers

Break dance is one of the best and most complete apps for learn to dance: Hip Hop, Rap and Break Dance. It offers you a great variety of videos with professional dancers of street art and totally free.

Through videos you can see quality content and, of course, learn dances, styles, movements and steps to the rhythm of the best music.

Dance hip hop

Dance hip hop

Learn Hip Hop and Break Dance classes with this mobile app for Android

If you want learn to dance an urban genre quite popular like Hip Hop, then this application is ideal for you. With it you can memorize and study classes, Steps, hip hop and b-boy rhythms, krump and other styles of Break dance.

All classes are with quality videos and directed by real professional dancers. In addition, the set of songs is quite updated and adapted to each movement.

Hip hop workout

Hip hop workout

If you want to dance and at the same time keep in shape, this mobile app is ideal for you

This app doesn't just work for learn to dance Hip Hop and Break Dance, but it also works well for lose weight. With this platform you will be able to get your body moving and be physically active at all times.

Likewise, it complies with benefits for your body and among the genres that you can learn we have the following: Break Dance, Popping, Locking, genres of the 70s, Hip Hop Dance and at the same time it works the flexibility of the body, development of the muscles , artistic coordination, improve confidence and physical health.

Undoubtedly, "Hip hop training" It is one of the most complete platforms to take urban dance classes and with plans adapted for children and even burn calories.

Hip Hop School


This app is one of the most interactive and entertaining for learn to dance urban genre music, especially Hip Hop. It is made up of a series of animated and full colorful characters that teach you the best steps and choreographies accompanied by video clips.

Best of all, you can dress your characters and form dance teams until gaining reputation among the audience, and it is even possible to face others, be evaluated by judges and win prizes. In addition, the system gives the opportunity to create your own choreographies.

Dance steps

Dance steps to learn to dance urban genre

The best tutorials with choreographies and videos to learn to dance urban genre have them Dance Steps

It is an application completely updated and free that gives you the opportunity to learn dance steps and at the same time it helps you improve your physical condition. It offers you a variety of tutorials with choreography and basic step-by-step classes for beginners.

In addition, it includes animated demonstrations with exercises, dance footworks, Salsa dance, Break dance, dance footworks, Swing. If what you are looking for is a mobile platform to train and dance, Dance steps it is the ideal option.

Now that you have at hand this small list with the 7 best apps to learn to dance Hip Hop and Break Dance, there is no excuse to start giving your body joy. If you liked this article, take a look at the best music players on Android and learn how to download free music with trusted apps and websites.

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