Best 7 apps to learn history with your mobile: dates, curiosities and more

Are you passionate about History and want to learn more about it? These Android apps make it easy for you.

Know her history is fundamental to life, not only to understand humanity a little, but to be aware of our roots and the origin of the things that surround us.

And it is to know a little about general culture opens your understanding and allows you to live extraordinary adventures, know our past and important events for the country, especially the forerunners and heroes who fought for the nation.

Therefore, today we want to show you some mobile tools to learn History, dates, curiosities that can be useful to review or even travel through time.

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These are the best apps to learn History on Android

  • Universal history
  • History In Pictures
  • Passages of History
  • World History Quiz
  • World history
  • Famous people
  • History of Ancient Greece

Below you can see a collection of mobile apps to learn the subject of History and be aware of the most important events in the country, past events, memorable dates, discoveries and curiosities worth keeping in memory.

Universal history

Universal History to learn history

Universal History can be one of the most complete applications of historical events

If you are a student or just want to know a little more about the Universal history and all the events that have occurred since the existence of mankind, then this application can be of great help.

In it you can find relevant information regarding: Prehistory, Evolutionary theory, World War I and II, discovery of America, periods of humanity and more.

Without a doubt, it is a very complete tool that can be useful to perform the school activities, high school and college level without the need to carry heavy books. Best of all, the platform comes in Spanish Language and you can download it completely free from the Google Play store.

History In Pictures

History In Pictures

If you find it difficult to memorize or long theories bore you, History in pictures is ideal for you

As its name implies, it is a mobile app packed with graphics and illustrations developed in order to better capture attention by offering endless photographs and images of important events in the history of all countries.

It is an ideal platform for those who go on a trip or for explore culturefrom other places, it also serves as an educational tool for people of all ages, best of all, they are always making updates under a wide range of photographs, events, dates, places and events of the world.

Passages of History


Passages of History is one of the best mobile apps for learn history, especially for those who like to live the experience more closely and with a quality narration and videos. It is capable of providing users with a unique and exciting experience by reliving history.

What differentiates this educational tool The rest is that you can download each passage and listen to it offline from anywhere. And if you are passionate about knowing History, surely you are going to love listening to a summary of the historical stages (Ancient, Middle, Modern, Contemporary) by the voice of the narrator Juan Antonio Cebrián.

World History Quiz

World History Quiz to learn with games

Test your knowledge of the History subject with World History Quiz

World History Quiz deserves to be on this list of best apps to learn history precisely because it is the best combination between knowledge, news, games and trivia. And it is that, who does not learn with challenges?

This is how this mobile application is, with it you can take a quiz with more than 150 questions of various themes, among which the following stand out: Universal history, fun facts, Prehistory, World War I and II, culture and much more where you will test your knowledge of the world around you.

The trivia consists of answering correctly in order to move forward, in case of doubts the system offers you clues and in the upper right you will see a heart that represents your life. Every time you make a mistake or skip the question, you lose points and therefore go away emptying the heart and you will have to start a new game.

Best of all, it's completely free, fun and if you answer all the questions correctly you can get a historian certificate.

World history

History of the world to learn dates, places and curiosities

It is the most complete app to learn history, dates and curiosities of all

World history is one of the Top rated apps from the Google Play store which chronologically shows various events that marked the history of mankind, however, this platform is not free.

Is currently educational tool have a price $ 3.49 and offers its users a lot of full color illustrations, event descriptions and is structured through mental maps and conceptual ideal for study.

Without a doubt, it is a very complete platform, packed with data, dates, curiosities ..., ideal for history lovers in every sense of the word.

Famous people

Famous people

Recognize famous and popular people from around the world who have been important to history

In this compilation of best apps to learn history could not miss "Famous people". Through quite an interesting game it will show a series of portraits of the world's most popular characters, kings, scientists, musicians, composers, painters, actors, philosophers, rulers, writers and more.

And if you are only looking for an informative tool, the system also offers a section with biographical information on each of the characters displayed on the platform. So for the lovers of the subject of History, this is one way fun and entertaining of learning.

History of Ancient Greece


The greece culture It is also part of the history of the world, and therefore it is important to know the influence it had on the Roman empire and the changes generated over time, specifically in the tongue, politics, educational systems, philosophy, science and the arts.

To acquire this type of knowledge there are not only books, but also, there are apps such as History of Ancient Greece that explains everything with luxurious details. It's free and it's similar to a digital book.

The long boring history classes. With these applications you will be able to memorize any historical event and even the date and place of the event.

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