Best 6 apps to learn art

To the delight of those who love art, we show 6 apps for Android that can help you take a walk through this incredible world.

The art It is one of the activities that man has enjoyed the most since ancient times. And it is not for less, works of art have allowed man express their ideas in different ways, feelings and emotions.

Fortunately, thanks to the great variety of museums and exhibitions, this culture has managed to expand around the world, coming to be considered as a very beautiful cultural manifestation that defines and brings to light a new vision of the world.

Best 6 apps to learn art

Best 6 apps to learn art

So if you are a student, teacher, sculptor, painter, or just an admirer of fine arts, this article offers you the best tools for you to learn art from your Android device. Join us on this tour!

New from Google turns your selfies into works of art (literally)

These are the best apps to learn art

  • Google Arts & Culture
  • DailyArt
  • Famous Art
  • Artly
  • Smartify
  • Art Gallery

Below, you can see our selection of best apps to learn art, artistic manifestations, history, concepts, aesthetics and even for Develop creativity, imagination and work critical appraisal from anywhere.

Google Arts & Culture


Google Arts & Culture is one of the best and most popular apps to learn art and culture. It is specially developed for you to take a tour through the art history of more than 2000 cultural institutions from 80 countries worldwide.

Also, it shows you exhibitions and videos with guided tours where you can meet the Mayan temples, works by Van gogh, important people, suffragettes and everything about the cultural heritage of some countries.

The best of all is that the app has several sections, among them we can highlight one capable of locating the museums, events and art exhibitions closer to your locality and, of course, you can have fun transforming your favorite images in works of art thanks to their multiple functionsUnfortunately this last option is available for some specific countries.


DailyArt to learn art

DailyArt, your daily dose of art history

If you are looking for one Android app to help you explore, know and learn more about the art world, then DailyArt it is the ideal option for you. This platform has a collection of more than 2,500 masterpieces, biographies of more than 700 artists and basic information on the most important museums in the country.

Also, this app is packed with curiosities and history of the world of classical art, modern and contemporary, and has been downloaded for more than 1 million people, which guarantees a unique experience. It is available for Android devices and completely free.

Famous Art

Famous Art

Famous Art, an app with more than 100 paintings by famous artists

Famous Art is a app for art lovers in every sense. Thanks to this minimalist platform you can enjoy more than 100 works by artists from around the world like: DaVinci, VanGogh, Klimt, Bosch, Degas, Michel Angelo, Malczewski, Klee, Kandinski and more.

In addition, each painting is accompanied by a interesting story about the artist and from universal art that surrounds us. Without a doubt, it is a very useful and easy-to-use platform, especially since it gives you the option to place wallpapers allusive to your favorite masterpieces.


Artly to learn art

Artly, to learn art for free. Education and painting

If you want to strengthen your knowledge of art and culture, then Artly is the option you need. It is available for Android devices and is considered one of the more complete tools to learn art classic, modern and contemporary, visual art Y western art.

In addition, the tool includes fascinating masterpieces, famous paintings and quite interesting historical reviews for lovers of Northern Renaissance, Russian art, Impressionism, Baroque and more.

As if that were not enough, it includes a quite entertaining intellectual game where will you have to guess image name and artist, this section can logically help you strengthen your knowledge and whose objective is none other than improve the level of art and culture of the users.



Smartify, explore a world of art and culture

Smartify is one of the most popular and top rated apps in the store, specially for art recognition totally free. Its platform houses more than 2 million works of art and its operation is so simple that you don't have to be an expert.

You will only have to bring the mobile closer to the specific work and the system will perform a scan to identify it. He himself will offer you detailed information on the artist and history of the work in question. Without a doubt, it is a useful tool for trips to museums, exhibitions and educational purposes.

Art Gallery


Art Gallery as its name implies, it is an Android application full of masterpieces of painters' arts most successful in history. It currently has more than 60,000 public works of art hand in hand 500 famous teachers.

The best of all is that in Art Gallery you will have available live exhibitions with the greatest exponents of the country and entertaining painting games, with search engines and even recognition tests to measure your knowledge. Is completely free and it is available in the Android store.

We hope that this compilation of best apps to learn art help you discover everyday arts already strengthen the knowledge and culture. If you liked this article, take a look at these 13 incredible things you can do with Google Arts & Culture or better yet, turn your selfies into works of art with this app.

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