Balance, one of the best iOS meditation apps, comes to Android

After a long waiting time, Android users can now enjoy this good relaxation app.

Balance, one of the most prominent meditation apps on iOS, is now available for Android users. After a long waiting time, the application has launched its version for this operating system, which makes its advanced functions available to millions of new users.

The exclusivity that iOS enjoyed since 2019 is now ending with the arrival of Balance on Android. At the moment, the application is still under development, but its beta version is now available. We have tested it for tell you its most outstanding featuresThose that will help you find the relaxation you need through meditation.

Android Balance App

Use the help of the Balance app to meditate and relax.

Balance is already a reality on Android

Balance is one of the most popular meditation apps. Unfortunately, until recently only iOS users were able to use their meditation tools to ward off stress, improve sleep, achieve better concentration and get a better mood. That limitation is history, as Balance has presented its Android application to the world, which you can download for free from the Play Store.

As reported on the Google Play page, an early version of the application is downloaded, which is still under development and for that reason can be unstable. However, we have already tested it without apparent complications to tell you the main details of its operation. Before downloading it, of course, you should bear in mind that for now It's only available in English.

Once downloaded, when you open the application for the first time, you must follow a series of steps for Balance to create a personalized meditation program for you. Enter your name, answer a series of questions about the goals you want to achieve with the help of the app, add your age and the time you would like to meditate. Also, you can set a reminder so that the moment does not pass you.

After a few seconds, the application will have created a special program for you with activities designed by professional coaches. You will be able to use this program during one year for free, although later you will have to pay a fee of 58.97 euros per year.

Balance, one of the best iOS meditation apps, comes to Android

This will take you to the main Balance screen, from which you can enter the personalized program, view your favorite activities and find out more recommendations.

In addition, if you enter the "Plans" tab, you will have direct access to the application's default programs, focused on objectives such as improve communication, reduce loneliness, face your fears, gain energy and concentration, improve productivity and sleep, among others.

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The improvement of sleep habits has a specific section, "Sleep", in which you will find different activities for better sleep at night. Finally, if you enter the "Singles" tab, you will see categories such as anxiety, break habits (to quit smoking, for example), concentration, frustration, joy and motivation, among many others.

Depending on your goals, you should access one of those sections to learn about and practice meditation activities to help you. They come in different durations to suit your free time. Also, you can select the voice of the coach who will accompany you during the session.

In short, Balance is one of the most complete meditation applications of the moment, and that's it available for Android. If you want to practice meditation to relax, relieve stress or sleep better at night, now you can download Balance on your mobile.

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