Apps to learn new things every day

It is not a secret that mobile phones are part of our day to day, whether for work or entertainment. So it is very advantageous to use this great tool to learn new things like programming, learning a language like Greek, or just learning a little math.

apps to learn new things

This is how we have decided to create a list with 8 apps that allow you to learn something new every day of general culture. Read on and find out which ones with these apps.

Top 8 applications to learn new things every day

These 8 applications They will help you to know historical facts, city names, important people and much more.

  • Wake up knowing

  • Learn general cultural

  • 5000 Questions about general culture

  • Millionaire 2021 trivia quiz game

  • Spanish general culture super quiz

  • The Knowledge Quiz 2021

  • Asked

  • Eureka quiz of knowledge

Wake up knowing

In this app you will find short articles on various topics of interest, organized for each day of the week, in this way, you can be updated in different areas and the best thing is the variety found in them, topics as interesting as, what will happen when the drinking water runs out? How are left-handers different from right-handers? Why do we have nightmares? And much more.

A very important fact to highlight is that this app allows you to download those articles of our interest so you can read it at any time.

Download Wake up knowing

Learn general culture

app learn general culture

The first thing that is presented in this app is an exam simulation in the company of a character very similar to Einstein. In their more than 200 tests Questions will appear from different areas such as mathematics, social sciences, language and literature, among others.

The more than 8,000 questions They show 3 or 4 options to choose the correct answer, but best of all, even if you make a mistake, you will have learned something new.

Download Learn general culture

5000 Questions about general culture

app 5000 questions

The dynamics of the game is very similar to the previous one, where you will have questions with different options to choose from. However, the difference is that here you have a large world map with all the levels that you must overcome, and in each level you will find questions related to where you are on the map and also questions of another type.

Among the topics that you can learn we have, questions regarding great literary men, athletes, classical and modern musiciansas well as filmmakers and much more.

Download 5000 Questions about general culture

Millionaire 2021 trivia quiz game

app who wants to be a millionaire

Here we come with a well known game, the famous Who wants to be a millionaire? As in the original game you have 15 questions of any theme with 4 options to choose just the right one. You will have 4 jokers to try to get to question 15 without making a mistake. If you manage to overcome all the questions, you will be the winner of a million euros, but within the game.

Download Millionaire 2021 trivia quiz game

Spanish general culture super quiz

super quiz app

It is a very addictive game. Here you should also try to overcome the 15 questions without making a mistake and earn as much money as possible, the difference is that here you can choose the category with which you want to be tested. It has 6 categories and more than 25,000 questions where they are constantly adding new ones, so you will hardly have repeated questions.

An important feature of the game is that as you accumulate prize money, you will be able to climb positions in the world ranking of the game.

Download Super Spanish general culture quiz

The Knowledge Quiz 2021

If you are looking for an application with a more advanced level, The Knowledge Quiz 2021 is ideal for you. This app has 5 levels of difficulty, so you can test yourself from a very low level, until you reach the most complicated questions in the last level.

In total there are 16 categories of knowledge, among which are, history, technology, sport and geography. One feature that makes this game stand out is that it not only tests your knowledge, but also the speed with which you respond, so the faster you can respond, the more points you will earn.

Download The Knowledge Quiz 2021


We arrived at the most famous app on the list with more than 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store. And it has achieved this success thanks to the fact that it is a trivia game where you can challenge other people. Unlike other games where only you are answering questions, in Trivia Crack you can play 1 against 1 with a friend or some other user and test your knowledge in its different categories.

Download Trivia Crack

Eureka quiz of knowledge

eureka app

An important feature of this game is that you can use it without internet connection. And the best of all is that, despite having more than 5000 questions and 15 categories, each user can send their own questions from the game itself and if approved, they will be included in the already extensive catalog of questions. Ideal for lovers of Greek mythology, since it is one of the 15 categories of the game.

Download Eureka quiz of knowledge

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