Apple could launch an iPhone with a hole in the screen ... 5 years later than Android

Apple as always, running late.

The famous notch. That notch in the screen that came with the iPhone X (in the case of Apple) and that served to eliminate the classic front start button that worked as a fingerprint reader to replace it with this "experiment", housing the front camera and all the sensors necessary for the face unlock technology to work.

Despite the many detractors of the notch, soon the Android firms bet on it, not in vain it was a good way to increase the front of the screen without increasing the size of the mobile device. What happens is that while Android brands have evolved betting on holes in the screen, pop-up cameras or cameras under the screen, iPhone has been with the controversial notch for years and years.

Luckily for all iPhone users, the notch could have the hours counted… Although we will still have to wait.

Apple will "copy" to Android and bet on the holes in the screen

iphone 12

Goodbye to the notch on the new iPhone?

Even though we are still early in 2021 and the new iPhones won't arrive until the end of this year, little by little we are getting to know new details of the future iPhone 13.

On this occasion, as announced by the 9to5Mac web portal, the future iPhone 13 will continue with notch although unlike its predecessors this will be somewhat smaller. Luckily we will finally have a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, something that many competing smartphones already have, that is, Android.

It will not be until 2022 when the notch disappears from the iPhone, being replaced by the hole in the screen. It seems that Apple is not in a great hurry in this regard, as this is something that we have been seeing for years in many Android devices, which are already thinking of under-screen cameras as the next evolution.

It is well known that Apple has long ceased to be an innovative firm in many respects to focus on playing it safe. Their terminals are super sales and despite not being the most cutting-edge smartphones on the market, they are one of the best purchases that one can make thanks to the stability of their operating system, that nothing fails and that they are ideal phones for all those Who want a plug-and-play smartphones.

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