Android Auto launches the split screen to see two apps at the same time in cars with widescreen

Android Auto adds to multitasking: the latest version now allows you use two apps at the same time, one occupying the vast majority of the screen and the other smaller, in a vertical strip at the far right.

This new interface is already being activated for Android Auto users with one condition: that the car has a panoramic screen big and wide enough to hold two apps at the same time.

Multiple apps on Android Auto at the same time

Android Auto inherits in its most current version the support for split screen in its version for displays on the dashboard. From now on, on widescreen displays, the Android Auto interface changes to show navigation in a vertical strip and two apps at the same time.

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The main application you are using takes up 3/4 of the screen, while the second app occupies the remaining 1/4. The division between the apps cannot be moved and nothing can be readjusted or resized: it remains as it comes out, at least for the moment.


The way to choose which application appears in each place is not very configurable either: the app you are using is shown in large and the previous application in small. If you haven't used any app before, then a clock is displayed with the current time.

This mode is available on screens that Android Auto considers panoramic. On smaller screens or with a square aspect ratio, it should be possible to fool the system by modifying the resolution with an app like HeadUnit Reloaded, although the result might not be too good.


If you use Android Auto in the car, which has a panoramic screen, you should see this new interface already as long as you keep the application of Updated Android Auto to the latest version available on Google Play.

Via | XDA