Android 11 will land very soon on your Chromebook with all these news

It was time to see Android 11 in Chrome OS, for now in beta and with expected news such as the dark theme or the new scaling of apps.

Almost by dropper, but Android 11 continues its expansion throughout the planet, reaching more than 200 different Android devices from all the main manufacturers in the industry, although to date we had had nothing but anxiety about its landing on Chrome OS, without any news but with long-awaited improvements that have made all this time even less bearable.

The wait, in any case, seems to be coming to an end if we attend to the latest news collected by the Android Police colleagues, as Android 11 will be on our Chromebooks very soon after being tested on beta on some models such as the Acer Chromebook 712, the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i Chromebook, the ASUS Chromebook Flip, or the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook and Galaxy Chromebook 2.

Android 11 is coming to Chrome OS very soon

Not without time, Chrome OS will abandon Android 9 Pie and will receive the base of Android 11 very soon.

The sources say that they have already been able to test the new update Chrome OS 89, that the transition to Android 11 has not caused particular changes in the performance of the devices, information that is especially appreciated considering that Chrome OS still used the Android 9 Pie code to run Android applications.

The news is also interesting, some of the most requested in recent times, because not only the Chrome OS engine will be updated to allow access to all Android applications, including those specifically designed for the latest version of the operating system, but also our Chromebooks will have some features that many of us have been asking for for years almost without hope.

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And finally, a dark theme comes to Chrome OS too!

Aesthetically, the most striking change is sure, and that is that from this version 89 of the Chrome operating system intended for ultraportables we can select a dark theme that Google had among its must a long time ago, without disclosing dates of disposition.

Now we know that it is very close, although the bad news is that they tell us that the functionality is still pending completion and is still hidden in the developers menu, although once activated it seems that it works perfectly without too notable graphical failures.

As you will see, all menus, windows and applications are modified without problem yet layout of dark tones, although it seems that the problem is in some apps from Google Play Store, which do not use the color scheme selected in the operating system but by default the light theme.

Android 11 is coming to Chrome OS very soon

The new dark theme, already worked on the desktop of Chrome OS under the base of Android 11.

Apps will scale better on Chrome OS, and we're all happy about it

Definitely the great mole of the Chrome OS operating system it was precisely in this scaling of the applications, and despite being able to run almost any app or game available in the Google Play Store without problems, the truth is that Chrome OS DPI scales on ultraportables were inconsistent and sometimes even frustrating ruining the experience.

The problem is not trivial since it has been dragged from version 67, although it seems that Chrome OS 89 will finally fix it permanently taking advantage of the Android 11 engine, solving in passing all those bugs that had been found in versions 87 and 88 of the system.

Android 11 is coming to Chrome OS very soon

Without a doubt one of the most requested options, we will finally see a more decent scaling in most apps.

The new application management is now much more efficient, eliminating the display problems of some apps and finally managing to improve this scaling especially in sources and interfaces, enabling in the developers menu new options that will allow us to control certain aspects size on the global interface.

An undoubtedly promising update, which should come sooner rather than later in the form of firmware stable to all Chromebooks, and that we will all thank more than anything for this improvement of the climbs that was more than necessary ... We are already impatient!

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