Android 11 begins to reach the Samsung Galaxy A50 in its last major update to date

The Samsung Galaxy A50 arrived in 2019 and was two milestones for its manufacturer in the same year. Guessed the start of the two digits in the Korean manufacturer's catalog and at the same time it became its best-selling mobile of the year in Europe, according to data collected by Canalys.

Now, on the way to its second year in circulation and with a Samsung Galaxy A52 about to come out of the oven, the Samsung Galaxy A50 receives one of its last major updates, which brings the phone to Android 11. And by the way, you receive the next version of One UI, although it is not clear whether we are talking about One UI 3.0 or One UI 3.1.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 receives Android 11

The update in question is being received with the number of firmware A505FDDU7CUBC and it has a weight of 1.8GB, as it usually happens with updates of this caliber. Let us remember again that with this update, Samsung's Galaxy A50 will leave Android 10 behind to enter Android 11, with all that this implies. In addition to the logical change of the version of its proprietary layer, One UI.

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In the update itself, as usual, Samsung indicates which are the main improvements that come to the Samsung Galaxy A50 with the landing of Android 11. We will have improvements for the dynamic lock screen, expanded options for the 'Always on Display', better parental control systems and a Digital Wellbeing mode with its corresponding improvements and evolutions.

As is often the case in these cases, the update is released gradually so it may take some time to officially arrive in our country. Meanwhile, we are left with that it has already been released in some corners of the world and that it is a matter of time before it reaches us. Remember to download it through a WiFi so as not to punish your data rate, unless it is unlimited or wide enough.

Via | Sammobile