an app to keep the flame alive in long distance relationships

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to spend more time at home in the last year and, in a way, to increase distances, especially with our loved ones. Tinkovu is an application designed as support for long distance relationships.

Tinkovu is something like a messaging app for couples It does not try to compete with WhatsApp or Facebook, but rather to focus on allowing you to send small specific messages (or Tinks) with photos, texts, voice notes or nothing, simply to remind the other person that you remember them.

A simple registration


One of the advantages of Tinkovu is that you do not need to register with a phone number or email. As soon as you open the application, you will be shown the welcome wizard and, when you finish with it, you will have to choose a username, to which the application automatically adds a numeric code. Combining both, you will have your unique identifier.

This friend code is the one that another person -your partner- must use to add you to their friends list and to start sending you Tinks. Tinkovu works like the messaging apps of yesteryear, that is, friendship must be reciprocal before you can start communicating.

Add your friends


If registering with Tinkovu is easy, adding your friends is also easy, although it is a bit more hidden. At first, your Tinkovu will be empty, so the first thing you should do is go to the settings (the gear icon) and tap on Add friends.

To add a friend, you must indicate both their friend code as the numeric code accompanying you. When you press OK, a friend request is sent to the other person, which they must accept so that you can start sending Tinks each other.

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"Tinks" of all kinds

After this simple configuration, you can start sending "stuff", or Tinks. There are various types of Tinks available, ranging from a simple notification that does not include anything to more typical multimedia elements of messaging applications, such as photos or voice clips. To change the type of Tink, you must swipe sideways or use the arrows.

Standard tinks

Tink What you send and what reaches the other person

Standard Tinks don't have anything inside but are something like notifications that someone is thinking of you. In a way, it is reminiscent of the Yo application that caused a sensation seven years ago and only allowed you to say hello. When you send a standard Tink, the other person gets a notification that someone is "thinking of you," with the option to send another one back.


Mediatink What you send and how it is shown to the recipient

If with a mysterious Tink without content you don't have enough, you can also Send pictures switching to the camera icon. This option allows you to take a photo with the camera or attach one that you have on your mobile.

The result is similar to sending a photo by WhatsApp or any other messaging application, but the way the preview is displayed on screen makes the experience somewhat different.


He drew You can also scribble and send them

A curious option that you have with Tinkovu is to draw a hand drawing and send it to a person. The application gives you a palette of 14 colors to choose from and a blank canvas to unleash your creativity. An eraser tool and three brush sizes to choose from are included.

Voice notes


When neither the text nor the image is enough, you can also record a short voice message to send it to your partner, wherever he is. To do this, you just need to switch to the microphone icon and start recording your message.


Middle East You can also send text messages of a lifetime

There is also space in Tinkovu for the more traditional messages, the text messages. Text Tinks allow you to include a custom text to notification that someone is thinking of you and that you can use, like the rest of the application, as best suits you: from declaring your eternal love to spouting your wildest jokes. That is between you and the other person.

Future messages

Future The scheduled messages do not reach the other person until the specified time

If you have something to say to the other person, but it is not yet time, the tinks of the stopwatch are for you. These are text messages that the other person can't open until the right time comes that you specified.

Chat "normal" and buzzing like on MSN

Tickle You can send buzzing or "tickling", which makes the other person's mobile vibrate

Tinkovu is more designed as an application to send sporadic messages throughout the day than for a fluid conversation between two people, although you can also achieve something similar from the conversation view.

In it you can check the history of conversations and the exchange of Tinks, although you can only send text messages. The most curious thing is that, by pressing the vibration icon at the top, sends the equivalent of a Messenger buzz the other person, making their mobile vibrate for a few seconds.

Tinkovu is available for both Android and iOS and, although it briefly disappeared from the Google store, already has returned to Google Play after the author posted an update that fixed a few bugs.

Tinkovu - Long distance friendship

Tinkovu - Long distance friendship

  • Developer: Vayland
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Entertainment

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