Accessing all your text messages only costs $ 16

Although technology as a general rule is designed to make life easier, we cannot ignore that it also has its dangers, so when it comes to using it, we must do it properly.

Let's take the example of WhatsApp, a very useful tool to communicate with our acquaintances and relatives and at first, completely harmless. Well, both in WhatsApp and in other social networks we can be victims of scams and phishing so we have to keep our eyes wide open.

And even with SMS or text messages we can be in danger. Because, Did you know that for just $ 16 a hacker can access all of our messages? We didn't believe them at first, either.

One hacker and $ 16, no more is needed to access our text messages

Malicious applications used by hackers

One is not safe even using SMS

If you are one of those who think that by using the text message app instead of WhatsApp and Telegram you are completely safe from cyber attack, you should read this motherboard report.

No signs that the device had been hacked, no SIM changed, no trace of hacking ... Hacker Lucky225 had been quick and clean. He had only used a service from a company called Sakari (whose destination is SMS marketing) to redirect all SMS to your own number.

Once all the text messages are redirected to the hacker's phone number, access the rest of the accounts as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any other app that requests the phone number to access the account it's really simple.

Luckily Lucky225 was hacking the SMS of a journalist with his consent but, What if this hacker had bad intentions? And all for just $ 16.

After this experiment, the company that owns this program has solved this exploit, but the Internet is large and there are hundreds or thousands of programs like this or similar ones. The experts assure that by hacking the SMS a hacker can access any other user account, which is why they recommend do not use text messages for any security related aspect. In this regard, they recognize that with two-factor authentication, it is much better to use apps like Google Authenticator than SMS.

It is clear that no matter how careful we are, the internet is full of dangers. We recommend following this Android security guide to at least, don't make things easy for criminals.

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