A study reveals that 40% of young adults could be addicted to mobile

More and more young people are addicted to their smartphones.

If there is an indispensable technological product today for the majority of the population, it is undoubtedly the smartphone. Because it does not matter where we go or what we are doing at that moment, the mobile device always accompanies us to the point that many people cannot live without it.

Because if, There is addiction to smartphones and it is increasingly worrying. A couple of years ago we revealed that a study claimed that a quarter of young people were literally addicted to their smartphone. That was around then because a new studio ups the ante.

Not without my mobile: 40% of young adults could be addicted to the smartphone


Young people increasingly addicted to their mobile phone

The University College London is in charge of this study in which it states that a large part of today's university students he is addicted to his mobile terminal.

To affirm this, investigated the relationship between smartphone use and sleep quality in 1,043 people aged between 18 and 30 years. After analyzing the data, they came to the conclusion that almost 40% of young adults are addicted to smartphones and that therefore their quality of sleep is not recommended.

The study states that:

35.7% of the men surveyed were addicted to mobile phones while in the case of women, 40.1%. Of these, 42.2% were under 21 years of age, 34.2% were between 22 and 25 and 28% were over 26 years of age.

Are we increasingly dependent on smartphones? It is clear that a smartphone today it is much more than a mere instrument with which to make a phone call or communicate via text messages. For many it is a leisure tool (watching movies, surfing the internet, consuming multimedia content) and for many others its work tool.

4 bad habits with your mobile that you have to cut now

However, like everything in life, excesses are bad and using the smartphone for many hours at a time is also bad. So if any of you think you are included in the 40% of addicts ... better put the phone in a drawer and buy a non-smart phone.

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