A small change in Google Chrome will make secure pages always load faster

It's been quite a while since Chrome started marking all HTTP sites as unsafeIn fact, after a short time they stopped indicating that an HTTPS website It is safe, because that should be normal, and they have even begun to block the loading of multimedia content that does not use HTTPS.

In the same spirit, now the Chrome team has taken a bigger step to change the behavior of the browser when we enter a URL: as of Chrome 90, the browser's address bar will use https: // by default instead of http: //.

When a website is secure, it will load faster

The normal thing since the web is the web, was that all the addresses that we visit will begin with HTTP, and although many years ago modern browsers stopped asking us to write that part of the URL, this does not mean that it is not there, although now it is almost always HTTPS.

Thanks to the harsh promotion of Chrome and the rest of the browsers, for a long time most of the websites use HTTPS by default, and yet, still traditional practice is for the browser to choose HTTP as the default protocol when we type something like "" in the address bar.

The next version of Chrome will change this behavior, that is, the browser will always choose HTTPS by default when we type an address. The result of this is that the initial loading speed of the websites that support it will be improved.

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Basically, since Chrome will connect directly to the HTTPS endpoint without needing to be redirected from http: // to https: //, the load will be faster. For sites that do not yet support HTTPS, Chrome will revert to HTTP when the attempt to use HTTPS fails (even when there are certificate errors, such as a name mismatch or an untrusted self-signed certificate, or connection errors, as a DNS resolution failure).

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why a secure website will always load faster this way. This change is initially rolling out in Chrome for desktop and Chrome for Android in version 90, and soon after it will be released for Chrome on iOS.

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