a great and free alternative to Spotify that allows you to listen to music without limits

Spotify has great rivals, like Tidal or Amazon Music, all of them with paid subscriptions. We are going to talk to you about eSound, a great alternative to Spotify completely free, with a spectacular interface and with a more than interesting catalog.

The application has a little trick to be able to reproduce musical content without spending a single euro, so let's check how it works and how it is managing to capture millions of downloads.

An amazing app that stands up to Spotify

Spotify Vs Esound Spotify on the left, eSound on the right.

eSound has been increasing in downloads dramatically in recent weeks, although it has been running for a few months now. It is an alternative to SpotifyIn fact, its interface is very similar (something that will help if we come from this platform). When we open the app, we have a distribution similar to Spotify, with recommended lists, rankigs by countries, and more.

eSound allows you to play music from the internet or from our local file library

Similarly, another of its strengths is that we can access our local library through the 'library' option, which allows us to import the music that we have saved on our device. As in Spotify, we can create our lists, search by genres, etc.

Where is the trick so that this app can offer almost everything that Spotify offers? From their own page they tell us.

"eSound Music is a multiplatform multimedia center born to simplify the management, presentation and playback of YouTube videos (or other free content from third-party platforms) by using a simple and easy-to-use interface."

Who's Winning the Music Streaming War

eSound does not broadcast licensed content, instead download the audio from YouTube and we can play it from a clone interface to Spotify. The downside of this is that the sound quality will be far from what paid services offer, but for an average user who is not very demanding, it is literally like playing songs from YouTube.

The service is free with some advertising, with payment methods to remove the ads. For less than 15 euros a year we have the full year and the monthly payment is 1.99 euros. The application can be downloaded on Android and iPhone.

eSound: Streaming Music and Audio Player

eSound: Streaming Music and Audio Player

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