a barcode with information on vaccines, tests and overcoming the covid

Many countries consider the creation of a kind of health passport essential for the tourist reopening next summer. The idea is that this vaccination certificate allows European citizens with immunity against covid-19 thanks to the vaccines authorized by the European Medicines Agency to move freely through the European Union.

This document is expected to be approved by the European Commission this Wednesday, hours after the director of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Andre Ammon, rejected it for possible discrimination against unvaccinated people and lack of evidence. scientific information on how immunized women could transmit the virus.

The European Union vaccination passport, called a 'digital green certificate', will not necessarily be green or exclusively digital

The vaccination passport, to which project you have had access The country, you will receive the name of digital green certificate and it is expected to be officially presented after approval.

Digital green certificate: what will the European Union vaccination passport consist of

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Despite the name given to this document, the published information indicates that it will not necessarily be green or exclusively digital. The passport will be issued both digitally and on paper and, in either of the two formats, it will contain a barcode that will be the one that allows to verify its authenticity, validity and integrity by the authorities of any EU country.

Obtaining this certificate will be completely free and will be much more than the popular name that you have received and that you only link to vaccines. Because, according to the project of the community authorities, In it we can find three types of specific certificates: the vaccination, the result of a test and the one of having passed the covid-19. The one that grants the most privileges, however, will be that of vaccination, which will include the specific vaccine received, the date of administration and the place where it was practiced.

In addition to certifying immunization through vaccination, this covid passport will include a certificate on the test result and the overcoming of the covid-19 if applicable

To avoid concerns about possible discrimination, the regulation that will regulate it and that outlines The country indicates that "It should not be a condition to exercise freedom of movement". Nor can the regulation be interpreted as establishing "an obligation or a right to be vaccinated." All this goes to say that people who are not vaccinated voluntarily or because their turn has not come should be able to enjoy the freedom of movement of those who are vaccinated, although this does not exclude that they need to undergo mandatory tests under what circumstances.

The "immunity certificates" have become the hope to get out of quarantine quickly: this is what we know about them

The advantages for the holders of this kind of European health passport for the coronavirus pandemic, therefore, goes through be able to avoid certain procedures such as the realization and presentation of specific tests when accessing a third country. Once the health crisis is over, its validity would end since it would no longer make sense.

The European Union health passport may not be used to discriminate against citizens and limit their freedom of movement; the idea is to speed up the entry to other countries and the procedures derived from the pandemic

The data contained in the digital green certificate will be in both English and the official language of the country that issues it and will contain, in addition to the specific certificates mentioned, the personal data of the holder as well as any other documentation. For now It is not yet known how it can be obtained if the requirements are met, although Spain has expressed its intention to be a pioneer in its use. and have it prepared before the celebration of FITUR, the International Tourism Fair held in Madrid, starting on May 19.

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