9 Little-Known Windows 10 Features That Can Be Extremely Useful

Windows 10 has an overwhelming number of useful features that very few people even know exist.. They range from extremely simple things inherited from old versions of Windows from many years ago, to novelties that are introduced with the most recent updates, that Microsoft hardly mentions and ends up going unnoticed.

Not long ago we told you about a good handful of them, and now we've dug a little deeper into our collective knowledge of Genbeta to come up with another batch of little-known but very useful Windows 10 features that can make our lives easier, increase our productivity, or simply make our day in front of the computer.

Quick assistance

Quick Assistance

This is basically the simplest way to help someone solve problems in Windows 10, or to get help from someone else to solve problems on our computer. The "Quick Assist" or "Quick Assistance" function of Windows 10, allows us to control another user's computer remotely, or to give another user control to do things with our PC.

Everything without having to install anything extra, no need for third-party programs like Team Viewer, you don't even need to open the browser. You just have to open the Start Menu, type "quick assistance" and hit Enter. The next thing will be to log in with your account, generate a code and share it with the person you are going to help. In a few moments, two people will be able to share a computer via remote connection.

Quick Support is relatively new, so you may not have known that this very useful tool was hiding there with your system.

Rename multiple files automatically without having to type the name

Rename Multiple Files

This "trick" is a classic, but curiously, its use is not widespread and many people do not know what it can be done. In Windows 10, and other earlier versions of Windows, you can select multiple files at once and rename them all by the same numerical series.

For example, if you select 30 images, right-click, choose to rename, type "vacation" and press Enter, those 30 photos will be renamed "vacation (01), vacation (02), vacation (03), etc." Windows adds a sequential number to each one automatically after the name you have chosen. It is the simplest way to batch rename files in Windows 10.

Get suggestions and autocorrect text

Text Suggestions

In Windows 10, regardless of whether you use a touch keyboard or not, it is possible to get text suggestions and even activate auto-correction in the style of how our smartphone keyboards do. To do this, you only need to activate the text suggestions function for the hardware keyboard.

You will have to go to the Setting Windows 10 (Windows key + I), select Devices and navigate to the section Writing. There you should look for the part about Hardware keyboard and change the option to Enabled Show suggestions as I type.

Below is the option to automatically correct misspelled words, and also to activate multilingual suggestions if you are one of those who write in more than one language.

Change the color and size of the cursor

Mouse Pointer

Windows 10 has a ton of accessibility options, and one that may not only be useful but also visually pleasing is to change the size and color of the cursor and mouse pointer. If you are one of those who no longer see too well and lose the cursor all the time, this will come in handy, or simply if you want to give the same pointer a different color.

You just have to go to Setting Windows (Windows Key + I) and select Accessibility. Then, in the menu on the left you must click on Cursor and pointer. There you will find options to change the size and color for several suggested colors, although you can choose a custom one if you want. The same thing happens with the cursor (the little stick flashing that appears in the text drawers).

Record the screen without installing anything

Record screen

Thanks to the Xbox game bar in Windows 10, it is possible to record the screen of our computer without having to install anything additional. The option appears simply when we press the key combination Windows + G and we click on the record icon in the floating panels.

Now, there are direct keyboard shortcuts that allow us to start recording a window without having to first open the game bar. If we press the Windows key + ALT + R a recording will start immediately and you can control it with a small "Capture Status" indicator that will appear floating on the desktop.

Quick searches or by screenshot

Quick Searches

Most users search Windows 10 simply by opening the Start Menu, but Windows 10 search has its own space that is technically separated. If we press the key combination Windows + S the search will open without the Start Menu.

In that box there are several options called "quick search". That selection includes options such as" the weather today "," today in history "," movies on the billboard ", and" Bing quiz "all within one click. Besides this, this search shows you not only the apps you have used, but the ones you use the most, and it also allows you to search the web from an image.

You just have to click on the camera icon that appears in the lower right corner of the search and you will be able to capture an image anywhere on your desktop to do a web search from it.

All the Windows 10 features you can take advantage of to be more productive

Insert Kaomojis (¬‿¬)


By now you may know the keyboard shortcut to insert emojis in Windows 10, but if not, today you can learn that it is launched with the key of Windows +;. That floating window with emojis also has other more recent symbols: kaomoji.

Kaomoji are those Japanese emojis that create all kinds of expressions and actions with punctuation marks and other symbols. Windows 10's kaomoji menu is quite extensive, and you just have to open the emoji menu to easily insert any of them. What's more, they are even organized by "moods". ✍ (◔◡◔)

Dismiss notifications quickly


If you get up from the computer for a while and your screen turns off or it suspends in the meantime, when you return you may find yourself with a river of notifications, and sometimes you have to discard one by one. However, this process can be a bit easier and less tedious if instead of clicking on the "x" of each notification box, you just click the mouse wheel.

A middle click, middle click, or Clicking your mouse wheel is enough to dismiss notifications no matter in which area of ​​the box you click.

Erase a hard drive safely without affecting Windows 10

Reset Pc

In Windows 10 it is possible to erase your hard drive safely and for Windows 10 to remain intact. This is useful in many scenarios, the main ones being that you are going to sell or give away your computer, or that you want to leave it as new so that it works better, without having to manually format, download and reinstall the operating system.

This is done with the option Reset this PC what do you get in the Setting Windows 10 within the section Update and Security under the options of Recovery. When you start the process, Windows will ask you if you want to remove all personal files, applications and settings. If you choose this option, all data will be permanently deleted from the computer.

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