7 tricks to always choose good wireless headphones

You are sure that you want to listen to music without cables, but what should you keep in mind? Check out these tips for finding good wireless headphones.

Can't be denied wireless headphones are all the rage. We fully understand the public's love for this accessory, as it is perfect to say goodbye to cables and, with them, to all the annoying tangles they cause. Of course, as with other technological devices, before choosing your next wireless headphones you must take into account a series of aspects.

To help you with the choice, in this article we want to give you 7 tricks that you can put into practice to always get it right when choosing your wireless headphones. And it is that there are several details that cannot be ignored, from autonomy to design, going through other specifications that seem irrelevant, but that can end up being key during its use.

Wireless Headphone Tricks

7 tricks to always get it right when choosing your wireless headphones

Headphones are an essential companion for your mobile phone, as they allow you to listen to audio, music and videos in complete privacy. Even better if they are wireless, because you leave behind the cables and all the problems that they carry. Nevertheless, you can't buy a random wireless earbuds, You must keep these tricks in mind to always get your choice right.

Select the type of headphones you want

The first step you should take when starting your search for your next wireless headphones is deciding which type you want. They may be headband (circumaural / over-ear or supraural / on-ear) or earpiece or button (in-ear). Within the latter there are also models of different categories, for example, wireless sports headphones, with specific characteristics to ensure good support while doing sports.

So, first decide what use you are going to give your future headphones. If you are looking something more professional and with great sound quality, the best thing is that you opt for a headband. On the other hand, if you are looking for headphones lighter and more comfortable to transport for a basic use, it is interesting to opt for button ones.

Headband and In-Ear Headphones

Choose what type of wireless headphones you want: headband or button.

Set a maximum budget

If you don't want the purchase to get out of hand, it is also recommended that you establish a budget limit when starting the search. So, you can filter wireless headphone models that exceed that price to test only the purchase of those that you can afford, and avoid temptation too that represent the most advanced devices.

Analyze build quality and design

It is also essential that you take into account the design and construction materials of the headphones that you are going to buy, since they the user experience will depend to a great extent.

First of all, design is key because affects comfort of wireless headphones, whether they are headband or earbud. You should look for a model that you can wear for hours without causing discomfort on the ears.

If you can try them before buying, the better, because that way you will know how the headphones fit to your ears, if they hurt you or not. Also, in the case of button ones, it will be good for you to check if they offer you good support or they will fall off as soon as you make any move.

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As we said, analyzing the build quality of the headphones is also important, as it will allow you to get an idea of strength and durability thereof. You obviously don't want to spend a good deal of money on a device that will break after a few weeks of use.

As you will see during your search, a good part of wireless headphones are made of plastic, but this does not indicate that its resistance is lower. Of course, if you go for a metal-built earbud, you can expect more durability. In addition, in terms of construction you must also take into account what type of resistance they have against water and dust, especially important if you are going to use them for sports.

Sound important, of course

No doubt, sound quality is another aspect that you should take into account when buying wireless headphones. We put aside the urban legend that these wireless accessories cannot offer advanced sound quality, because they cannot.

To do this, you must analyze the frequency response of the headphones, that is, the range of bass, mids and treble that it is capable of reproducing. If you like listening to powerful bass, you can bet on a model that reinforces those sounds, such as the Sony WF-XB700.

Good sound quality is even more enjoyable if headphones have noise cancellation, a feature that isolates outside sounds so you can hear audio clearly without having to turn up the volume all the way.

It is an especially useful tool when you go by public transport, you are in a shopping center or you are walking on a busy street. A while ago, noise cancellation was a feature of more expensive headphones, although it is going through a process of "democratization" which also leads to more affordable headphones.

Don't overlook autonomy

We don't want you to have to be stuck to the charger every 3 or 4 hours of use because the wireless headphones have run out of battery, so it is best to give autonomy the importance it deserves. The reality is that manufacturers are working harder and harder to improve this section, so it will be easy for you to find options with ample batteries for an affordable price.

Bose Quiet Comfort

It is important to have wireless headphones with autonomy for many hours.

In this theme the role of charging cases, which serve to shelter the headphones true wireless and also to prolong your energy. Obviously, the more battery these cases have, the more power they will provide to the headphones.

Speaking of autonomy, we must also mention the importance of fast charging, very useful when you are going to use the headphones and you find them without battery. For example, in the case of the Huawei FreeBuds 4i that we have analyzed, just 10 minutes of charging translates into 4 more hours of power.

The microphone, key for calls

You may not have noticed its presence, but wireless headphones can also integrate one or two microphones that will be key when recording videos, audios or making audio or video calls.

Before launching into the purchase of those headphones you have in mind, check their list of specifications to see if they have integrated headphones. If they have specific characteristics for reduce wind interference and accurately pick up your voice.

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If they have an app, the better

Finally, it is interesting to buy wireless headphones that have a mobile application with which you can manage its main functions, such as an equalizer, noise cancellation activation, gesture system modification, or smart usage detection.

All these tricks can help you always choose your new wireless headphones correctly and enjoy during the next months of good sound quality, autonomy, design and build quality without spending more money than you should.

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