7 best apps to automate tasks on Android (2021)

The automation apps for Android are among the most useful tools that we can use on our devices. Thanks to them, it is possible carry out any task automatically when a series of conditions are met, so that they help us save time and effort when carrying out repetitive actions that can be easily simplified. And although not long ago there was talk about the possible disappearance of these applications, today they are more alive than ever.

But, Which app to automate tasks is better? In Google Play it is possible to find tools such as Tasker, Automate, Microsoft Flow and many others, and today we are going to help you choose the Better option based on your needs.

Automation apps for Android

Automation apps for Android.

Apps to automate tasks: the best options you can use

  • Tasker
  • Automate
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Macrodroid
  • AutomateIt
  • Easer

When talking about applications to automate tasks, many will think of the name of Tasker. And although it is the most famous tool in its category, the truth is that it is not the only one that exists. In fact, there are many other alternatives to Tasker that you can use, and that can offer you advantages that you will not find in the famous automation tool.



Without a doubt, the most popular Android automation app out there. Tasker is a very advanced tool that allows automate pretty much anything you can imagine.

You can automate tasks as simple as make your mobile Wi-Fi activate automatically when you reach a specific location, to others much more advanced such as make the mobile open a different application depending on the finger you use to unlock it through the fingerprint reader.

The learning curve of this application is steep, but luckily there are many examples of "recipes", user guides and user communities that share their creations. In addition, it is possible to use plugins with which to get even more out of the tool.


One of Tasker's few problems is that its design is not entirely friendly. Luckily, apps like Automate simplify automation to the extreme with a much more intuitive design, based on flows that allow any action to be triggered based on specific circumstances or conditions.

Despite its simplified design, it is still a the most complete and advanced app that allows you to carry out operations of any kind.



Without being as advanced as the previous two, IFTTT is a very good option for those who are looking for a tool with which automate simple tasks how to share content on social networks automatically.

The tool works with more than 630 different applications, such as Twitter, Telegram, Google Drive, Twitch, Weather Underground, Instagram or Gmail, as well as devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Sonos or Philips Hue.

Microsoft Flow


Microsoft also has its own automation app for Android.

Microsoft Flow allows create automated workflows between applications and services to simplify operations and save time.

As examples, you can automate operations like receive notifications on your mobile when a condition is met, log work hours at the touch of a button and much more.


Another classic tool for automating tasks is Macrodroid. Like Automate, it has a intuitive and easy-to-use design offering endless task automation features.

Like other apps of its kind, Macrodroid bases its operation on "macros". So, you can configure triggers and specific settings, to carry out specific actions, as simple or advanced as you want.



An app of simple, free and easy-to-use automation. AutomateIt allows you to define automatic tasks based on triggers and actions.

The application gives the possibility of set up rules that will be used for run tasks automatically when conditions are met. Count with one user friendly design, and also allows use add-ons with which to expand the possibilities of AutomateIt.


Lovers open source apps they also have the possibility of enjoying an automation app open source. Is about Easer, an event-driven Android automation app.

The app offers several predefined events that can be selected, and later it will be decided what to do when certain conditions are met.

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