6,000mAh battery, Android 11 and more

This morning its existence was filtered in India, and a few hours later we already know that the Motorola G10 Power will be presented in a few days with a huge 6,000 mAh battery.

Not even 24 hours ago, the existence of an unpublished Motorola G10 Power that would arrive to accompany the Moto G10 and Moto G30 on its journey was leaked from India, and we have had very little to wait for. know all its technical details before its release on the market.

And it is that yes friends, again from India, the first market to enjoy it, a device is announced that the website 91 mobiles anticipated for us this afternoon, with a huge 6,000 mAh battery that lives up to his surname 'power' and a system of quad rear camera capable of up to 48 megapixel resolution.

Motorola G10 Power

The new Motorola G10 Power, in its first press images in India.

We are not talking about rumors, because to the device confirmed by Motorola's own division in India publishing on his Twitter the header image of this article, and informing that The Moto G10 Power will be on sale in India this week which for now remains unknown.

There will be Motorola Moto G10 Power next to the new Motorola Moto G30

This is the new Motorola G10 Power, and this is all it will offer

Safely, the base of the Moto G10 that we knew will do to give one more push with this edition 'Power', what improves your battery 20% from 5,000 mAh now featuring a more generous 1,000 mAh capacity, yet still not transcending the fast-charging power you'll enjoy.

We do know that it will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 chipset like its younger brother, accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and storage that starts at 64 GB expandable, with a clean design that highlights a 6.5-inch IPS panel with HD + resolution and refresh at 60Hz.

The base of the Moto G10 with a surname 'Power' that tells us about autonomies above the average, and that should be presented in India in the next few hours with four cameras, compensated specifications, giant battery and an enormously attractive price.

The front frames could have been minimized a bit more, at least the lower one, but in exchange we will have a quadruple photographic system with 64 megapixel sensors in main, 8 MP the wide angle, 2 MP the macro and another of 2 MP to measure depths of the scenes.

The front camera will be 8 megapixels, and the terminal will install Android 11 from birth Stock with Lenovo ThinkShield Security Suite, which will allow you to integrate better and without major problems in environments business as a business mobile, ensuring privacy and protection above average to its users.

We will know the rest of the details very soon, so do not disconnect too much because in a few hours he will appear in India to finish completing a datasheet interesting and that makes us want it in Europe too. Reach? Well let's wait, especially if the price of 14,990 Indian rupees is confirmed that more or less they would now be exchanged for 172 euros.

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