6 best apps for GitHub on Android (2021)

If you use GitHub to manage your software projects, you need one of these apps installed on your mobile.

Millions of people around the world use GitHub daily to manage your projects software development, both personal and professional. The Microsoft platform has been the benchmark in its segment for years, and the launch of its Android app was great news for developers using Google's operating system.

But there is life beyond the official GitHub app. In Android it is possible to find many other alternative apps to the official one that can be used.

GitHub apps for Android

GitHub apps for Android.

GitHub Android Apps: The Best You Can Use

  • GitHub
  • FastHub
  • My GitHub
  • OctoDroid
  • DevHub
  • Flutter GitHub Client

Given the GitHub has an official API that allows developers to create their own utilities and tools, it is not surprising that on Google Play there are third-party GitHub clients. In this list, we have chosen the best that exist on Android today.

The 12 best Android apps for programmers


GitHub for Android

The official GitHub app for Android.

No GitHub user should pass up the opportunity to test the official app of the platform before resorting to an alternative.

Although it started out as a fairly simple tool, over the months it has received updates to become a very complete GitHub client, which lacks almost nothing.

It allows explore repositories, view notifications, read, react or respond to incidents or change requests, review and merge pull requests and of course, browse project files and code. For now, yes, it is not possible to edit code using this app.


FastHub is the best alternative to the official GitHub app that exists on Android. Count with one careful design based on the Material Design lines, and includes many of the options that we could find in the original client.

As interesting functions, we find support for multiple GitHub accounts, access to repositories without internet connection, markdown and function of highlight code, access to wikis of projects and much more.

The application is totally free and open sourceso you have no excuse not to give it a try.

My GitHub

Despite not being a tool as advanced as the previous two, My GitHub is a useful application for those people who only need the basic functions of GitHub on your mobile.

With her it is possible view repositories, browse code, access GitHub trends or visit the profiles of other users.

OctoDroid for GitHub

It does not have a design as careful as FastHub, but the truth is that OctoDroid is an equally advanced app that allows us to perform a large number of actions on our GitHub repositories, and those of other people.

It has support for notifications, access to project code, profile view, creation and editing of bugs, and much more. All of this in one totally free app and very easy to use.

DevHub for GitHub

DevHub is an app that takes the GitHub experience even further. And it is that, instead of offering us a client of the platform to use, it gives us a different format than make it easy to keep track of multiple repositories from the initial screen of the application.

Each repository has its own own column, and it is possible quickly see the latest activities of each. In addition, it includes filters that facilitate visualization, and has tools such as the option of save items to access them later.

Flutter GitHub client


We conclude this selection of GitHub apps on mobile with Flutter GitHub Client, an application whose name says - almost - everything about it.

It is an app built using the framework development developer, Flutter, which stands out for being fully customizable and for having functions such as access to code, support for markdown, search for repositories and users and more.

The app is free and open source, and is based on the official GitHub API.

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