4 reasons why Android 12 is above iOS

In all this, Android is better than iOS

Android and iOS are the most used mobile operating systems in the world and although each has its pros and cons, the truth is that both are stable, mature and quite friendly for the average user.

But ... Android 12 is coming and therefore all its news, completely revolutionized everything we knew about the Google operating system.

Will Android 12 be better than iOS with everything new to come? We have all these reasons to think so.

Better notification management

Android 12

Android 12, the new version of Google's operating system.

It is clear that one of the strengths of Android with respect to iOS is the way in which the first manages and orders notifications. And this difference will be even more increased with Android 12.

When you wake up in the morning and have a large number of notifications on WhatsApp, Twitter or Gmail, on Android you will only see three notification cards, one for each app. If instead of having an Android we have an iOS device ... that looks like the jungle.

Sincerely we find it very difficult to understand that Apple cannot improve the way its operating system groups notifications and it would not hurt to imitate Android in this regard.

Double tap to turn on

Android 12

Android 12, the new version of Google's operating system will come to our lives very soon

Although many may not like it, the days of physical buttons on mobile devices are numbered. In the case of the iPhone a few generations ago that the mythical physical button passed away, so now to turn on the screen of the device you just have to tap on the screen.

This is quite comfortable since to know if we have received a notification you do not even have to pick up the mobile, if not just touch the screen. Now iOS users who are reading the article, How many of you have activated the screen of your brand new iPhone by mistake with an accidental touch? Surely more than one.

Android has an option that allows you to turn the screen on or off with two taps. Honestly, giving two accidental touches is much more complicated than doing it with one, so we will not deny it, we are left with this Android option.

File management light years away from iOS

If Android is superior to iOS in managing and ordering the notifications we receive ... it is also far superior when it comes to file management. While Android has always allowed its users to manage the files stored on their device in a comfortable and simple way, the iOS "Files" app is quite recent.

To top, This app is light years away from that of Android and is that Apple's philosophy is clear- We restrict file management so that non-tech savvy people don't fill their smartphones with junk files.

Rotation suggestion

Android rotation

This option has us in love on Android

Both Android and iOS offer the ability to lock portrait orientation to prevent applications from rotating automatically when a smartphone is turned to one side. Very useful when we are lying in bed.

Now, if in iOS we want to see a video in horizontal orientation we must access the control center and deactivate this option, something that does not happen in Android thanks to the so-called "Rotation suggestion".

So you can have one of the most useful functions of Android P on any mobile

What is this? Very easy. When the device recognizes that we are playing a horizontal video with the vertical lock activated, A small icon will appear in the corner asking if we want to activate horizontal orientation to watch the video. Android 1 - 0 iOS.

These are just some of the reasons why we think Android (12) is so much better than iOS. What are yours?

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