3 features that are coming to Instagram very soon

An affiliate program, keyword silencing ... Many are the news that Instagram prepares for us, and an Italian developer already anticipates them even with screenshots.

Probably at his birth no one expected the enormous success achieved by Instagram, not in vain the social network of images is probably the most popular on the planet If we look at the number of active users and new publications every day, or at least that is what we can deduce by following the enormous interest in all the tricks that we are shedding to improve your publications and Stories that you are uploading to Instagram.

In any case, today we are not here to teach you new tricks or unknown functions, but to teach you by the hand of xda-developers and the Italian developer and engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, all the news that is coming to Instagram after his team finally implemented Reels support for the app Lite.

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A developer discovers on Instagram several brushstrokes of his next news.

We talk about very interesting news and that seem to be close, because on his Twitter account Alessandro himself even publishes us screenshots extracted by reverse engineering the Instagram application, and anticipating that the social network owned by Facebook will arrive very soon an affiliate marketing program, an option for mute keywords and more news that we now tell you ... Are you going to miss it?

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These are the main news that Instagram already has in the oven

1. An affiliate marketing program for post monetization

The first is perhaps the most striking, and that is Instagram is aware of the large amount of money that some move influencers and we understand that you want part of that cake, developing for it and from scratch an affiliate marketing program that allow the monetization of content to be managed from the social network itself without having transcended figures or commissions.

This new section will appear in the Creator of the app, and any user can register by following some simple guided configurations. In any case, it is possible that once this functionality has been tested, from Instagram some users with a certain level of followers are closed, something that for now we do not know as it is obvious.

2. More content controls to clean our feeds

Another important news that Instagram is developing focuses precisely on content controls that the social network shows us, allowing us to directly block specific keywords in direct messages that we receive.

Inside of section from Privacy of the settings, we can add any word that we want to silence, and the application itself will take care of automatically blocking all messages that contain words within our censorship lists. As added information, this lock can be applied to all or only to specific accounts if we know our trolls, to other annoying users or to anyone who harasses us by system.

3. New publication editing options

The last of the news that the Italian developer anticipated us was this new post editing option called Brightness.AIAlthough we do have very few details about her to tell you.

Logically we understand that it is some method to adjust the brightness or other settings of your photos, which includes artificial intelligence algorithms that do the work for us to get the most out of the images we upload ... The same iOS processing could well apply to Android! And step…

For now, this is all we can tell you then neither Instagram nor Facebook have commented on the matter, although having obtained the information by reverse engineering the application itself indicates that development is started and new features are absolutely real, to reach us sooner rather than later.

It will be necessary to have patience, because we already know that on Facebook things go slowly as in the palace!

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