200 megapixels will soon be a reality

Samsung Exynos anticipates a Galaxy smartphone with six sensors and, as the main protagonist, the new 200 megapixel ISOCELL.

At least all the manufacturers already recognize it, since they themselves have contributed to the differentiation of the range more premium almost strictly using mobile photography, but it is that nowadays much of the price of a smartphone 'top' it is in the cameras and in the R&D work around it.

In fact, GizChina already anticipates the next Samsung moves with photography, since the South Korean giant could be testing a high-performance mobile with no less than 6 sensors with a main camera of, keep an eye on the data ... 200 megapixels!

Samsung anticipates 200 megapixels for its Galaxy

The resolution of its mobile cameras has gotten out of hand with Samsung ... 200 megapixels!

The news comes from sources close to Samsung, much as it arises from a video posted by the Samsung Exynos Twitter account, which published verbatim: "Dear shutter, what do you expect the most from the smartphone camera?"

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The new 200 MP ISOCELL could be released by Samsung ... Or also ZTE with its Axon 30 Pro?

In the video you can glimpse a new multi-sensor photographic module, with a text that announces a gigantic resolution of 200 megapixels and a configuration "Six-camera" unknown to date on Samsung. To top it off, a dual front camera is also shown.

Obviously, such a cast would have to be controlled through a new Samsung Exynos chipset that would improve image processing, without us having many more details than this teaser that anticipates news.

Not in vain, a leaker as reputable as Ice universe I had already commented a couple of months ago that Samsung was preparing a new ISOCELL sensor with a resolution never seen before, and that this same year 2021 we would see it on commercial mobile phones.

The most curious thing is that Samsung doesn't seem like it's the first manufacturer to explore 200 megapixels, and it is that from China they tell us about a ZTE Axon 30 Pro that should be presented very soon with a hypothetical 200MP main sensor S5KGND of Samsung origin, which would have a size of 1 / 1.37 ”and pixels of 1.28um.

Is this the sensor that Samsung Exynos anticipates us now? The truth is that ZTE has already announced options such as the binning, which would allow reduce the resolution to 12.5 megapixels to take better-lit photos in low light conditions, dual native ISO or 16K video support, among others.

It should also be noted that, indeed, the Samsung Exynos 2100 of the Galaxy S21 It already allows to manage 6 sensors with up to 200 megapixels of unit resolution, so perhaps this ZTE also has a Samsung chipset and finally it is not a new South Korean mobile ... We will have to remain vigilant!

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