15 best Star movies to watch on Disney Plus

Are you a movie buff? Well pay attention, because these are the best movies in the Star catalog that you can see on Disney Plus.

Star is one of the content sections that you can find within Disney Plus, dedicated especially to the more mature public subscribed to the platform. It is easy to access the Star catalog, because you just have to click on its logo on the Disney + home page.

By doing so, you will enter an endless amount of content produced by ABC, Hulu, FX and Freeform, ABC Signature and 20th Television. These productions are divided into different categories, such as "Critically Acclaimed Films", "Romantic Comedies" or "Action Films". Despite this division, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the extensive catalog and you can not clearly choose the movie you want to see.

To facilitate your search, we have analyzed the catalog of Star on Disney + to recommend the best movies that you can see, those that will make you love the cinema even more.

Star movies on Disney Plus

Do you like the movies? These are the best Star movies you can see on Disney Plus.

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Top Best Star Movies on Disney +

Comedy, love, horror, action, science fiction, musicals ... In the Star catalog on Disney + there are movies for all tastes so that the elders of the family can also use the Disney entertainment platform.

If you don't feel like searching through the Star catalog to select the next movie you're going to see, let us give you some recommendations on the best titles you can find in this section from Disney +.

  • Pretty woman
  • Titanic
  • Black Swan
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Deadpool
  • Alien, the 8th passenger
  • Crystal jungle
  • Moulin rouge
  • The life of Pi
  • Braveheart
  • Borat
  • The Great Showman
  • Smiles and tears
  • Juno
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Pretty woman


If you haven't seen yet this movie classic, or you just want to see it again because you love it, in Star you can find Pretty Woman.

Starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, this film tells the story of Vivian (Roberts), a young woman who makes a living on the streets of Hollywood. Everything changes when she meets the mighty Edward (Gere), a meeting that begins an unexpected love affair that is already one of the most popular in film history.



If it is difficult to know exactly how many times Pretty Woman has been broadcast on television, something similar happens with Titanic. The most normal thing is that have you seen this movie directed by james cameron But if not, you can easily do it on Disney Plus's Star.

This production is based in the lives of the passengers aboard the luxurious Titanic, before and during the sinking of the cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The protagonists, Jack (Leonardio DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet), continue to be one of the most mythical romantic couples in cinema.

Black Swan


If you prefer something more "thriller" style, in Star you can see Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman. The actress plays Nina, a dancer from a New York ballet company whose life is completely absorbed by the dance.

When artistic director Thomas Leroy decides to replace the prima ballerina in the season's new production, "Swan Lake," Nina is your first choice. However, everything gets complicated when Lily, a new dancer and direct competition of the protagonist, appears.

Little Miss Sunshine


Another of the best Star movies on Disney + is Little Miss Sunshine, a personal recommendation that I highly encourage you to watch. It tells the story of the Hoover family, who want to fulfill their youngest daughter's dream of win a beauty pageant. For this, all members of the family they embark on an emotional journey in a van that leads them to get to know themselves better and draw more than one tear from the audience.



Ryan Reynolds puts himself in the shoes of Marvel Comics most particular antihero in this Deadpool that will not leave you indifferent. This is how you will meet Wade Wilson, a former special forces operative who receives accelerated healing power after being the victim of an experiment.

After being aware of his power, Wilson adopts the alter ego of Deadpool with the mission of hunt down the man who nearly took his life. From this film you can not only expect adventure and action, but also the characteristic black humor of this Marvel antihero.

Alien, the 8th passenger


In Star you can see 6 of the films that make up the Alien saga, although we stayed with the first one. Alien the 8th Passenger (1979) follows the crew of the Nostromo spacecraft as they visit a desolate planetoid after receiving a mysterious signal from an abandoned spacecraft. Which they will discover inside it will be something terrifying what they will have to fight if they want to stay alive. Can you imagine what it is?

Crystal jungle


Time to take action with a classic of the classics, Die Hard. Bruce Willis plays John McClane, the only man who can fight an armed group that has taken over a Los Angeles building by taking a group of people hostage. McClane, the only hope to free them alive, will have to engage in a fierce fight against the kidnappers.

Moulin rouge


In Star there is also a place for musicals, especially for the renowned Moulin Rouge. This original musical love story stars Satine (Nicole Kidman), star of the popular Parisian club Moulin Rouge, who is seen caught between the love of a romantic writer (Ewan McGregor) and another man's obsession.

The life of Pi


In search of a better life, Pi and his family decide to leave Pondicherry (India) to emigrate to Canada. However, plans change dramatically when the huge ship in which they travel sinks and almost all of its occupants die. Pi manages to save himself and find a raft that appears like a real life preserver, but she is not alone. Inside they find an orangutan, a zebra, a hyena and a Bengal tiger who will keep them company.



Another classic among film classics is Braveheart, based on the life of william wallace (Mel Gibson). This character, with his courage and passion, united the Scottish peoples in the fight the ruthless english king at the beginning of the fourteenth century. Romance, intrigue, heroism and a most epic battle characterize a work that even won the Oscar for Best Picture.

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Fun is guaranteed with Borat, the original Kazakh character Borat Sagdiyev created by Sacha Baron Cohen. The film tells how Borat moves with a camera crew to the United States to make a documentary that shows what the American way of life is like. The recording, of the most moved, has hilarious moments in which Borat will not leave anyone indifferent.

The Great Showman


Another good musical available in the Star catalog is The Great Showman, based on the story by PT Barnum. Hugh Jackman puts himself in the shoes of this circus entrepreneur from the United States who created the "Greatest Show on Earth", which managed to captivate viewers around the world with performances from different disciplines.

Smiles and tears


Smiles and Tears, The Sound of Music in English, is another of the film classics that you can see on Disney + Star. Based on the homonymous musical, Smiles and Tears tells the story of María, a governess who is sent to the Von Trapp family to take care of the 7 children, with whom she will establish a relationship the most special with an exceptional company, music.



We put aside the musicals to recommend Juno, winner of the Oscar Award for Best Original Screenplay in 2007. Juno is a teenager who embarks on a journey towards adulthood of nine months when you are facing an unwanted pregnancy. During that time he sets out to find the perfect foster parents for baby. When it seemed he had found her, he discovers something that will make him see that the couple is not as ideal as he thought.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Based on the musical The Rocky Horror Show, this film shows how an engaged couple is forced to stay at Doctor Frank-N-Furter's mansion after a breakdown in your car. The surprise comes when they discover that this man not only shelters a series of aliens, but has also given life to a spectacularly muscular man.

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