13 best Star series to watch on Disney Plus

Are you a seriéphile? Point to your to-do list these great series that you can already see on Star, the Disney Plus section.

Are you one of those seriéfilos who does not have time to see all the series that they have pending? Well wait, because there is more. To options such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video you must add Star, the content section for more mature audiences integrated into Disney Plus.

This section features productions made by such important companies as ABC, Hulu, FX and Freeform, ABC Signature and 20th Television, so you can expect great things from him. If you don't have time to thoroughly look at the Star catalog on Disney Plus, let us make some recommendations about the best series you can see on the platform.

Star Series on Disney Plus

These are the best series in the Star catalog on Disney Plus.

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Top of the best Star series on Disney +

Star came to Disney Plus with the aim of adding content for the oldest members of the family and thus achieving a more varied catalog on the platform. It has achieved it without a doubt, since it has series and films of great renown. If you are a seriéfilo, you should give these Star series a try on Disney Plus.

  • Scandal
  • Lost
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Family Guy
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Desperate women
  • Prison Break
  • Modern family
  • The walking dead
  • File X
  • 24
  • how I Met Your Mother
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer



In Scandal Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope, a prestigious lawyer who creates her own law firm after leaving the public relations position of the President of the United States. Pope and his team of legal experts become the best scandal and crisis solvers in Washington DC without putting aside his own personal problems.



Lost is one of those series that you have to see at least once in life, and now you can easily do it if you are a Disney Plus subscriber. Thanks to Star, the Disney platform has in full this series that narrates the adventures of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 after crashing on a Pacific island. It is not a normal island, since it holds secrets that the survivors will discover little by little ...

Grey's Anatomy


One of the longest-running series in television history is Grey's Anatomy, which began its incredible journey in March 2005. This series focuses on in the life of a group of surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital, that together they will face love, friendship, death and endless feelings that will surely bring more than one tear to you.

Family Guy

Family Guy

Family Guy is an 18 season comedy.

Humor is assured in Family Guy, an animated series that presents the adventures of the Griffin family. It is made up of Peter, a very particular father; Lois, mother and housewife; Meg, the older sister; Chris, a not-sociable teenager, and Stewie, a hooligan baby obsessed with killing his mother.

Sons of Anarchy


Sons of Anarchy is a series focused on a group of bikers with their own moral code that operates outside the law to defend their way of life. One of the protagonists is Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunam), whose suspicion of the club's criminality casts doubt on his love for brotherhood.

Desperate women


In Disney + Star you can also see the 8 seasons of Desperate Housewives, based in the lives of the neighbors of Wisteria Lane. Apparently, it is an idyllic neighborhood, but life is not as perfect as it seems, and you can see it in the 180 episodes of this series.

Prison Break


Michael Scofield is a young man who enters prison to save the life of his only brother, Lincoln, sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. From within, he will try to execute the plan he has developed to help his brother, although it will not be easy for him.

Modern family


All 11 seasons of Modern Family are available on Star for a laugh with this complicated, disorganized and fun family. Recorded in mockumentary format, this series shows us the lives of the patriarch Jay Pritchett and his second wife, his son and stepson, as well as their two adult children and their own families. In short, a large number of members with their own dramas and comedies.

The walking dead


Rick Grimes is the sheriff of a small town in Georgia who awakens from a coma after being injured in an act of duty. The surprise comes when he realizes that he is in the middle of a zombie apocalypse that you will have to face along with the rest of the survivors.

File X


Dana Scully and Fox Mulder are two FBI agents investigating cases involving paranormal phenomena or inexplicable to try to find the truth. Among the cases there are UFO sightings, encounters with aliens and strange creatures and other situations characteristic of the paranormal world. The X-Files is considered one of the most mythical series in history, haven't you seen it yet?

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Kiefer Sutherland takes on the role of Jack Bauer, an agent of the Counter Terrorist Unit who has to deal with situations of threat to the national security of the United States. This series is characterized mainly because the entire season takes place in a single day, each episode covering an hour of narration in real time.

how I Met Your Mother


The series begins in the year 2030, when the architect Ted Mosby decides to tell his two sons how he met their mother. There begins the narration of the memories that return the story to 2005, memories in which characters such as his friends Marshall, Lily and Barney Stinson will appear.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


The series follows Buffy Summers, the latest in a saga of young women known as "Vampire Slayer," with the gift of strength and ability to fight vampires, demons and other forces of darkness. To master this power, Buffy will have the help of a guide who gives her all the knowledge she needs. In addition, the protagonist will always have the support of her friends, along with those who make up the "Scooby Gang".

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