12 YouTube channels to relax, disconnect from reality for a while and reduce anxiety a bit

If you live on planet Earth, you are probably somewhat stressed. That's why it's good disconnect a bit from reality, at least for a few minutes or hours, and try to relax and clear your mind.

If you can't or don't want to leave the house, you can always take advantage of the Internet. YouTube in particular, can offer you a window in which to look at something different to get out of the routine, kill the boredom, exercise or simply relax a little.

The following is a list of YouTube channels that broadcast videos where nobody usually talksSome may seem strange, but for some people they are hypnotizing enough to relax, this server included. Feel free to leave your own recommendations in the comments based on what works for you.



This was a recommendation from Owen williams on YouTube and the inspiration to put together this list. It is simply the live stream of a train that runs the lines of Norway. Nothing more. The view is in the first person and the landscape is beautiful and welcoming, it is extremely easy to turn off your brain and look at the horizon for a few minutes there.

RailCam Netherlands


This we have to thank my partner Toni Castillo who keeps the video open on a screen to relax a bit. It is simply a live camera showing an intersection in Helmond, the Netherlands. It is a very calm space and you barely see some cars and people on bicycles pass by. It can help with a brief sense of normalcy and peace.

Odd tinkering


This has quickly become one of my favorite YouTube channels. He is a Danish gentleman who restores all kinds of "antiques", including many old video game consoles that are damaged and yellow and leave them as good as new. The video has its ASRM touches and both the process and the results are often extremely satisfying.

Restoration and Restore


This is another restoration channel, albeit a bit more dramatic. Here the creator usually displays a product found in the trash in dire condition and restores it to functional. Many times he replaces parts or cleans and repairs what he can. It also has its ASMR touch and the results are beastly.

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Watercolor by Shibasaki


This is the channel a Japanese artist who specializes in watercolors. Many of his videos are tutorials for you to learn how to paint, and others are quick paints that he does in just a few minutes that just look great. Watching him work is a pleasure and it is also very relaxing.

Glavnyiy Mehanik


This is a Russian channel of a craftsman who creates many things with metal. His videos are also hypnotizing and although his creations are of a much more rustic style, it is still great to see how he gives new shapes to some everyday objects.



Chyrosran22 is a channel dedicated exclusively to mechanical keyboards and the most abundant content in it are videos that show what the different switches and keys sound like on a huge variety of rare, vintage or even modern niche keyboards. If you are one of those who appreciates this type of sounds, you will have plenty of content.



Although these videos may make you hungry, they will also hypnotize you. Yummyboy mainly shows videos of Korean street food. Rarely does anyone speak except the voices in the background that are heard. The preparations are as rare (for a Westerner) as they are fascinating. I am one of those who spends hours watching these videos at night.

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This is another street food channel, but here they visit more Asian countries and show much more varied preparation and dishes. In addition, this channel has a particular charm and are the reactions of a girl who tastes every meal at the end, without saying a word. You have to see it to understand, it has increased my life expectancy just by looking at it.



Jun's channel has been another of my favorites for years. He is a Japanese boy who cooks elaborate and cared dishes with laboratory precision. Y he does everything in front of his adorable cats, sometimes for them. Not a single video on this channel has lost.



Liziqi is quite the celebrity in China, and her YouTube channel has also become extremely popular in the West. Be part of that phenomenon of influencers who live rural life and do everything by hand. Liziqi's channel is mesmerizing and to hallucinate a bit seeing the ridiculous amount of skills that this woman has and everything it manufactures. In addition, the production and photography of the videos is extremely professional.

Dianxi Xiaoge


Dianxi Xiaoge is another Chinese influencer who does cooking videos in rural areas. Although similar in style to Liziqi, this only shows food preparation, it is as fascinating as it is addictive because of how different it is from what many of us know on the other side of the world. Also, there is a very funny little dog asking for food in all the videos.

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