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Zoom Announces It Will Offer Free Automatic Captioning Feature To All Users In Fall (Or Earlier, If You Request)

Zoom, the popular video calling app, has announced an imminent major update that, among other novelties, will extend the automatic captioning functionality to all of its users, not only to those of payment like until now.

Until now, Zoom users had no choice but to go through the box, go transcribing everything what they said (something impractical) or use free third-party services, not always reliable.

Unfortunately, Zoom's official caption service is currently limited to a single language: English; However, it can be a great help for those who do not have an advanced level in it ... addition to a breakthrough in accessibility for those with hearing problems; It would be appreciated if functionality like this were part of the basic offering of this class of applications (as, in fact, Microsoft Teams and Skype already do).

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When can we access this function?

Thus, the artificial intelligence of the platform will be offering these subtitles on the fly starting next fall ... and even much earlier if we request early access through the relevant form.

According to Zoom, These access requests will be responded to within 1-2 weeks: It is not exactly immediate, but it allows us to save a wait of several months or the payment of 150 dollars a year if we really need this function.

"When the feature has been enabled on your account, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to enable it."

"As we expect a high volume of requests, we appreciate your patience as we work to make automatic captions available to all of our users."

Via | Tom's Guide