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YouTube Kids falls short at certain ages and the platform will launch parental control for teenagers

YouTube just announced SupeX, a new option for mothers and fathers of tweens and teens to allow them to exercise certain control over the consumption of content on this video platform.

Since its creation, YouTube is intended for people over 13 years old, but until now the parental control of the brand was focused on the YouTube Kids option, created in 2015, which is for children.

Three options, freer than Kids

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This option is insufficient when the "little ones" start to grow, according to the same company. As the YouTube portal recalls, “tweens and teens have different needs that they cannot fully satisfy with our products. This is because, as they get older they get more curious, they need to be more and more independent”.

Today the firm announces that in the coming months it will launch a new experience in beta phase for young people, minors, to access YouTube through Supervised Google Accounts with content configuration options different from those available for Kids. Parents can choose between three content configuration options different on YouTube. These will be, at least in the beta version:

  • To explore: This option is designed for children who are very limited by YouTube Kids when it comes to discovering more content. It includes many videos that are generally suitable for users over the age of 9, including vlogs, tutorials, video game content, or music clips.

  • Explore more: Generally, this option has content for users 13 and older and includes live broadcasts of topics such as those mentioned in “Explore”.

  • Most YouTube content: This option includes almost all YouTube videos except those with an age restriction.

Other resources for managing YouTube

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In addition to SupeX's new parental control options, the Google platform has been working on creating guides and resources for parents. YouTube Kids has not been without controversy since on several occasions, users have denounced how this specific tool for children contained videos with conspiracy theories and other inappropriate content for minors.

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In this regard, in addition to control, the platform has created a guide in conjunction with the National Association of Parents and Teachers (PTA) in the United States, Parent Zone in the United Kingdom and with Be Great Online.

In addition to choosing content configuration options, parents will be able to manage search and playback histories from your children's account settings. They can also use Google's Family Link controls, such as screen timers.

Going forward, the brand's plan is to add new parental controls like content blocking. This assumes that your child's experience It will look a lot like the traditional one on the platform, but some functions will be disabledsuch as direct in-app purchases and features for creating channels and posting comments.