you will have to choose whether to use it from PC or from mobile

Those of the popular password manager LastPass have announced that, as of March 16 of this year, their application will begin to restrict the functionalities of the free mode of this service, forcing access to it to stop being multiplatform.

Thus, from now on, these users will have to choose between access this manager only from computers or only from mobile devices (phone, tablet, smartwatch).

Eye: We are not talking about specific devices, but about types, so if we choose the first option, we can continue to access LastPass from our personal desktop computer, from work, or from a laptop, for example.

For current free users, the first device you log in to after March will set the "active device type" in your account. After that, you will have other two chances to change device type before that option crashes.

I've been using a password manager for years and now I can't live without it (literally)

"Keep in mind that all your devices are automatically synced, so you will never lose access to anything stored in your vault or your account will be locked out, regardless of whether you use your computer or mobile devices to access LastPass."

A change aimed at adding new Premium users

And later? Well, you will have no choice but to register as a Premium user (paid) to be able to access the service from two different platforms.

This subscription currently costs a minimum of $ 3 per month (as long as annual billing is chosen), although current free users will have access for a limited time to an offer that will allow them to pay only $ 2.25 per month.

But this will not be the only restriction that free users suffer: at a later date (May 17) will also lose access to email support (which will be maintained by premium account owners and family members) and will only have access to self-help resources from the LastPass Support Center.

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