You can now download the filtered wallpaper of Android 12

A few days ago the supposed design of Android 12 was leaked, a radical change at the interface level that showed a certain closeness to iOS. The leaks continue to point in this direction, and it is that now official wallpaper leaked of this update, optimized for both dark theme and light theme.

We are going to tell you where can you download the wallpaper, for what devices and how is this fund, in addition to reviewing some of the supposed news that this new version of Android will have, for which there are still several months left.

All the news of Android 11

This is the filtered background of Android 12

Android 12 Wallpapers

First of all clarify that Android 12 has not been announced by Google and that, therefore, all that there is at the moment are leaks and rumors on the table. However, the leak of a few days ago matches the current one, since the wallpapers coincide.

Unofficial leaked wallpaper can be downloaded for light theme, dark theme and in PC and mobile formats

It is a wallpaper with a mountain and a small part of the sky on the top mountain, an idea that Google has already explored with the Google Nexus 5 wallpaper in 2013 and that companies like Apple continue to use on operating systems like macOS.

To download the wallpaper you just have to go to Google Drive and choose between the different sizes. There is for mobile and PC, both files in good resolution and with different backgrounds in the sky (for light and dark theme).

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