you can listen to audiobooks and podcast while you drive

Audible just announced their new collaboration with Waze. The audio service will be integrated into the Waze player, contributing more than 600,000 audiobooks, podcasts and other audio programs within the navigation service.

Thus, Audible is integrated with Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer. It will be necessary that we have the Audible app installed on the phone For it to work, just click on its icon within Waze for the service to start playing content.

Audible integrates with Waze


Audible is Amazon's audiobook and podcast service, a giant in the world of audio. To date, Waze had integration with services such as Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer, but there was no presence of Audible. Starting today, if you have the application updated, you can start using Audible in driving mode, as long as you have the application installed.

Audible is now included in the list of audio services in Waze. It will be enough to have the app installed for it to appear

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As was done with the rest of the installed services, just go to the music icon and select Audible as the audio option. After activating it, we can navigate with the Waze application while listening to the Audible content. It is recommended that the co-pilot be the one who manages the contents to avoid distractions at the wheel, yes.

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The update is coming to both iOS and Android, so it is enough to keep it up to date to show the option to use it together with Waze. If you do not have the app installed we will have a direct access from the Waze menu to get hold of it.

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