Xiaomi tests a remote assistance function in MIUI for remote troubleshooting

Having problems with a mobile phone is common. These are advanced devices that can be in the hands of any type of user, even the least advanced. That is why it is important that the interfaces are intuitive enough to be able to solve the greatest number of problems, although sometimes you have to ask for help.

There are also various methods to do this, but remote assistance is one of the most practical as it implies that we do not have to go anywhere. Now Xiaomi test this on MIUI, include remote assistance Through its Mi Talk app so that a remote user can connect with our phone and help us with everything we need. A good tool for customer service and technical services, for example.

Call and request remote help

The information comes from IT Home, a Chinese medium that has been able to access one of the last beta tests that Xiaomi maintains in its country, always jealous that said information can be accessed from abroad. IT Home says that Xiaomi is already testing a new remote assistance through your Mi Talk app, integrated in MIUI.

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The implementation was carried out on February 8 and will be in tests until next day 21. On the 22nd, Xiaomi plans to release this new functionality of Mi Talk to the rest of its users in the country, and we trust that the procedures will also be initiated so that the app goes abroad, to the rest of the markets in which Xiaomi has official support and assistance.

To ask for help, it would be enough to call by phone and press a button

This new remote assistance function of Xiaomi mobiles will allow request the remote connection of another user to our phone through a simple call of phone. In this call, the other user can remotely access our phone and operate with it as if it were a virtual desktop, in order to solve the problem at hand while we also see how it is solved live.

Xiaomi account that the inspiration to introduce this functionality in MIUI came to them during confinements caused by the coronavirus in the country, given that the oldest users (often the most inexperienced) could not go to their physical premises to repair small software failures.

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