Xiaomi launches this new line of exclusive figures of your pet

If you are a fan of Xiaomi and you like collections of Funko-type figures, here are the new Mi Bunnies that Xiaomi has just presented ... Don't miss them!

We already know that Xiaomi loves these thingsAnd it is also that the Chinese giant already has a large range of toys including also a large number of collectible figures, which are always launched in limited runs that delight the most fanatics and collectors both in China and in the markets. international

In fact, last known figures They had been presented on the tenth anniversary of the brand together with the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, but we have not had to wait too long for them to show us now at My Bunnies that arrive in four different models as symbols of the most popular campaigns in My Community.

My Bunnies, the new collection of Xiaomi figures

These are the Mi Bunnies, the new collection of Xiaomi figures.

We are obviously talking about four collectible figures with Mitu, Xiaomi's mascot, as the absolute protagonist, which from the Haidian manufacturer's own community explain us in detail, and that initially will only be available to fans participants in the campaigns.

You can now get a new collection of figures in the Funko style of Mitu, Xiaomi's mascot

These are the four models of 'My Bunny' that can be collected

Bunny Explorer

This figure arrives for represent participants in the Mi Explorers Project from Mi Community, through which the Chinese manufacturer offers the opportunity to explore the world through the latest Xiaomi products.

All You Need to Know About Mi Bunny !!

Bunny Photographer

This is the figure that is thrown to commemorate ShotByMi contests organized globally by Mi Community each year, in which any My Fan can participate uploading photos or videos captured with any Xiaomi smartphone. Very soon the ShotByMi of 2021 will arrive, and figures like this will surely be distributed!

All You Need to Know About Mi Bunny !!

Bunny Keyboard

This bunny with a keyboard on his back represent K2K programs on My Community, something like keyboard-to-keyboard which are nothing other than the events in which users of the Chinese giant can communicate directly with guests of the Xiaomi team, company executives and photography stars, who have been the participants in the 7 chapters of 2020.

Right now, chapter 8 is being prepared in this entry in Mi Community, so take a look if you want to chat with the Xiaomi people.

All You Need to Know About Mi Bunny !!

Bunny tech

This room Bunny represents without a doubt the nod to culture geek from Xiaomi, which recognizes that the most techies of the place are part of the DNA of your brand. They say from Xiaomi that they are never missing geeks among the Mi Fans, and they are not wrong, so the Tech Lab program is launched to organize all these unconditional with advanced knowledge in science and technology, to create professional and interesting content related to your products.

All You Need to Know About Mi Bunny !!

They say in My Community that will keep preparing more and more interesting events for all Xiaomi fans, so you will have to stay tuned for get exclusive figures like these signing up and participating in the programs that interest you the most.

For now, we leave you with this video of the four newly presented figures ... Here are the My Bunnies!

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