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Would you get into frozen water to save your phone? This man has not even doubted it

A boy walks quietly through a Canadian city in the middle of winter, takes some photos and ... Oops, mobile overboard! The fact is that he didn't think too much about it to get it back.

What wouldn't we do for our smartphones! And it is that yes friends, it is the device we use the most daily and with which we do practically everything, from communicating to consuming content, playing games or browsing the Internet, in addition to carry practically the entirety of our digital life (and not so digital) including photographs, chat histories, banking accesses and a long etcetera.

In any case, you have to throw a lot of flats to do what this Canadian citizen did trying to rescue your smartphone from icy water, something that will make you shiver from your sofas and that many of us would think two or three times for sure ... Do we see it together?

A man jumps into icy water to rescue his iPhone

The moment of the jump to rescue his iPhone from the water… Just looking at it, my ideas freeze!

The story is so curious that we have not been able to resist bringing it to you by the hand of Gadgets Now, and it is that this guy was celebrating happy valentine's day taking photos in the surroundings of the Fairmont Empress Hotel, in the beautiful city of Victoria in British Columbia, in Canada, when his brand new iPhone XS went overboard with his owner jumping behind to rescue him.

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Be careful where you go with your mobile taking photos and hold it tight, because it can fall at the least expected moment, forcing you to a massive blow ... Would you get into the freezing water?

Obviously, the protagonist of our story also thought about it a little, well the water in these latitudes is so cold that the rescue operation deserved a previous study, first looking for the place where the iPhone XS rested at the bottom of the sea, undressing neither short nor lazy in the middle of Canadian winter, and hopping in underpants to retrieve her prized device from the clutches of ice:

Those seconds of swimming to the starting ladder they almost deserve an Olympic medal in the Winter Games, but failing that they have the greatest recognition of all of us who have enjoyed their feat, that the boy himself explained with conviction about what "I had a feeling it would work perfectly, so I jumped in to get it back".

And it is that even though indeed the iPhone XS is a smartphone with IP68 certification, no one had proven that it resisted extreme temperature conditions, something that this man corroborates stating that "I wasn't really sure while I was warming up, but the man who recorded the videos sent them to me and I felt the phone ringing in my pocket".

A curious case, certainly, that will surely stop being so curious if we ask the big question here ... What would you be willing to do for your smartphones? I don't know anything else, but I don't jump into the icy water or crazy!

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