Wordpress integrates a plugin with OpenAI GPT-3 with which you can make texts like those written by people, as they say

Wordpress has integrated ContentBot into its editor. This is the "first Artificial Intelligence (AI) content plugin”Within the platform, as they say from Wordpress and uses the GPT-3 language model of OpenAI, non-profit organization founded by Elon Musk and in which companies like Microsoft have invested hundreds of millions of dollars.

This plugin still not available in spanish, although is already looking for volunteers to translate this bot into Spanish and a long list of other languages.

Depending on the platform for creating and editing blogs and magazines, this plugin allows “create amazing snippets of content, similar to what humans can do for your blog and just in one click ”. Now the question is: can it really replace essential functions of copywriting or content creation professionals?

Features of the free and paid version

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To begin with, the Wordpress ContentBot has a free version which can generate up to 10 AI content snippets per day. He also claims to have the ability to create product descriptions; generate blog topic ideas; give headline ideas; generate a list of marketing ideas; and create a blog introduction.

Keep in mind that the content that can be generated by ContentBot will be a maximum of between 40 and 60 words, "due to the valid restrictions of the OpenAI team". That is it is not possible to create a complete article with this plugin And it is that, they say from Wordpress, ContentBot is designed to help its users to generate small pieces of content or create ideas to help improve marketing.

Why GPT-3, the new OpenAI language model, is as impressive as it is unhelpful

According to official information, what will not do this tool is to support content created for certain industries such as medicine, finance, insurance and some political issues.

Artificial Intelligence and copywriting

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On the ContentBot website an article was published this week analyzing whether artificial intelligence will be the future of copywriting. A professional in content creation, in addition to good writing, one of the great added values ​​that he brings to his texts is the correct use of keywords from the title to the end of your writing to get a good positioning in search engines. ContentBot promises Wordpress users create attractive titles or product descriptions that help with marketing objectives.

According to the post on the ContentBot website this plugin "will not overthrow human labor in the near future" it can do the simplest tasks. However Hannah Jane Parkinson, a columnist for The Guardian, published in late 2019 the results of testing OpenAI's GPT-2 (predecessor of GPT-3) system tool and said that "can produce a column with my style", writing wise. Furthermore, he added, "we must heed Elon Musk's warnings about the consequences of AI."

In addition, in The Guardian itself, Alex Hern tested this OpenAI tool and found that it was able to adapt to the style and language of George Orwell's novel "1984". In the past, OpenAI had said that it would not open its software for fear the technology was too dangerous and will be used in an improper way (for example to defame people). He ended up launching it commercially (the company's first commercial product).

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