With this tool you can discover new independent artists that sound like your favorite Spotify artists

In the world there are perhaps two types of people: those who are happy listening to the same music and the same artists day after day and year after year, and there are those who are always looking for new sounds and they are not even close to Spotify's recommendations.

If you are part of the second group and you are also interested discover freelance artists who haven't even signed to a record label, this tool is for you. Its name is ReWrapped because it relies on the music of your Spotify Wrapped to select its recommendations.

Artificial intelligence to discover artists you've never heard of

Spotify Andrson Rewrapped

Tools that use AI to recommend music are not in short supply, algorithms currently have much more work to do than humans when it comes to selecting music to recommend to the masses.

However, ReWrapped tries to do something a little different by recommending only artists you've probably never heard of, because it only selects independent artists and does it. based on the sound of songs you already like.

Discoverify is like Spotify's weekly Discovery but with new music every day

ReWrapped was created by Andrson, a company that has designed an algorithm to find songs similar to the ones you have already listened to. Although their product is primarily geared towards making it easier for record companies to find talent, they have now released this consumer-oriented tool.

What it does is analyze five songs that you extract from the 100 of your Spotify Wrappped from last year, that is, the songs you listened to the most throughout 2020. From those five songs at random, select three for each that sound similar and it offers you 15 songs that you can add to a playlist.

The system is not perfect but it is extremely interesting. In my case, half the playlist was pretty terrible with overly amateur sounding artists, but the other half had some gems that I probably never would have discovered. It is worth a try.

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