Windows 10 will automatically compress files on your disk to free up space and be able to install updates

The Windows 10 spring update is right around the corner, and to prepare our teams before the arrival of the expected version 21H1, Microsoft has released a mandatory patch for all systems.

The KB4023057 update includes a series of "Windows Update reliability improvements"for all versions of Windows 10 from 1507 to 20H2. The patch addresses a series of problems that could prevent future important updates from being installed and adds several improvements to the installation process of the same after being applied.

What the patch does

Windows update

The update has five fundamental characteristicsAs explained on the Microsoft support website, the goal is to help improve the reliability and security of Windows 10 devices. After installing the Windows Update patch, you will be able to:

  • Request that your device stay on longer to enable the installation of updates.

  • Try reset your network settings if problems are detected, and even clean registry keys that can prevent future updates from installing successfully.

  • Repair disabled or damaged system components that determine whether certain updates apply to your version of Windows 10.

  • Compress files in your user profile directory to help free up enough disk space to install important updates.

  • Restart the Windows Update database to repair problems that may prevent the installation of updates. Therefore, you might see your Windows Update history get cleared.

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Windows Update Compresses Files

This is how the files that Windows 10 compresses will look like to free up space and be able to install updates

Microsoft explains that in the case of files that are automatically compressed to free up space for installing Windows updates, these files will show an icon with two blue arrows. After installation of the update, the files will return to their original state.

This update will be downloaded and installed automatically on all consumer versions of Windows 10. No user intervention is required, unless you have disabled Windows Update on your computer.

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