Windows 10 in Cloud Configuration will allow you to configure several computers simultaneously from the cloud

Microsoft's latest product, announced a few hours ago, is 'Windows 10 in Cloud Configuration'; and certainly sounds like some kind of new version of the operating system of the company, perhaps something related to his project of a virtualized Windows in the cloud. But is not the case.

Rather, it is a service that offers a recommended set of configuration options for ICT professionals who need to configure Windows 10 equipped devices ... and want to do it in bulk from the cloud.

Windows 10 in Cloud Configuration will allow you to apply certain parameters to aspects such as Windows Update for Business, Microsoft Bitlocker, the installation of applications (such as Edge, Teams or OneDrive), user management (based on Azure Active Directory) or the protection of systems through security built into Microsoft 365.

Available for new or already installed equipment

This service may be used to "preconfigure new devicesso they're ready when users first open them "; albeit to apply Unified Configuration from the cloud it will not be necessary to erase the computers with Windows 10 already installed, although

"This process is recommended for those who wish to remove all foreign applications, user accounts, and files from the device for maximum performance."

If this last aspect is not relevant to you, you just have to enroll your computers in Windows Autopilot and restart.

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Regardless of the previous state of the computer, the deployment of Windows 10 in Cloud Configuration is carried out through Microsoft Intune, a tool integrated in Microsoft Endpoint Manager and can apply to computers using the Pro, Enterprise and Education versions of Windows 10 (although not the Home version).

On the Microsoft website we can to download a guide (in PDF) that explains how to use Windows 10 in Cloud Configuration, to deploy and manage devices.

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