Windows 10 Explorer with modern design and tabbed browsing stands as a great alternative

In Genbeta we have been talking about a Alternative file explorer for Windows 10 which does have a modern design following the same lines of Microsoft's Fluent Design, and also the much desired navigation tabs.

In its beginnings it was called Files UWP and although it promised a lot, it was green. In 2021 the story is different, and as we discussed a few weeks ago, the new Files is already planted as a good alternative to replace the current explorer. With its most recent update this is truer than ever thanks to the lots of improvements that have been included in the new version.

Cloud documents, faster file transfers, preview pane, folder pinning and more

Windows 10 Files New Preview Panel

Files with its new preview panel

Files is not perfect, we have been testing it for a long time and although it has made great progress in its development, it still has some things to improve. But being the work of a freelance developer, it's the closest we've come so far to having uA modern browser in Windows 10 that works.

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A few days ago the version 1.2 and it came loaded with news. New features that bring some functions that we missed from Windows Explorer, and that increasingly plant it as a real alternative. This is the full list:


iCloud and OneDrive in Files

  • File transfer operations have been improved.

  • Support for multiple accounts has been added. OneDrive.

  • Support for Amazon Drive.

  • Support has been added for business accounts from DropBox.

  • The current design mode is now indicated in the design flyout in the status bar.

  • The overall performance and responsiveness of the user interface has been significantly improved.

  • A homepage widget has been added to add containers that you can drag files into for quick access.

  • A preview and details panel has been added.

  • The ability to paste images from the clipboard directly into a directory has been added.

  • Added option to pin hidden folders to sidebar.

  • Added option to access drive properties by right-clicking on the drive widget.

Files is free and open source, you can download it directly from the Microsoft Store, and if you already have it installed, you just have to open the Store and get updates to your installed applications to obtain version with these improvements.

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