When does the new firmware arrive and what does it include?

Xiaomi updates the Mi Band 5 with interesting news: find out when they will be available.

Although there are those who already have their eyes set on the future Xiaomi Mi Band 6 that should arrive this year, the Chinese company continues to improve its current reference smart bracelet, the Mi Band 5.

On this occasion, Xiaomi has released a new firmware update for the Mi Band 5, with the aim of improving the performance of this popular wearable in some important respects.

All the news of version of the Mi Band 5

According to MovilZona, the new firmware reaches the Mi Band 5 under the version, which will soon be able to be downloaded directly through the Mi Fit app.

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Once downloaded, we will see that the bracelet will have improved step count, so that it is more accurate. Besides that, the Moon's calendar It has been corrected, eliminating the bugs that prevented it from being displayed correctly.

This is not the first update that comes to the bracelet with the aim of correcting errors and improving the performance of certain aspects. A few months ago, we already reported on the arrival of an update aimed at improving the accuracy of the sleep recording.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 official

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is, indisputably, the smart bracelet of 2021.

It is worth noting that, for now, the update it has only been distributed among the Chinese versions of the bracelet, and there is no indication that it has reached Spain or other regions of Europe at the moment. We trust that it can download and install in the global version of the bracelet as soon as possible.

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