WhatsApp is no longer the most popular app in the world, it has been overtaken by ...

Telegram! And yes, Pavel Durov's instant messaging service is placed for the first time in the global 'Top1' of the mobile market, with WhatsApp in 5th position.

More and more debate between the different instant messaging services in the mobile industry, at least especially between Telegram and WhatsApp, since the two most popular services have been locked in a battle of functionalities and portfolios of active users that I have allowed them to grow in the shadow of each other.

In fact, no one is aware that WhatsApp has taken advantage of options already available in Telegram to improve, and the latter has also been winning every time more credibility and more users in the face of the slow progress of WhatsApp developers with the improvements, something that lately has been increased by the Questions with privacy and changes implemented by Facebook in its terms of use.

Design with WhatsApp and Telegram logos

Telegram is already the most popular app on the planet, with WhatsApp fifth.

Not in vain, is that based on information from SensorTower we can confirm you since WhatsApp has been dropped from 'Top5' of apps on both iOS and Android globally, staying in seventh position in the App Store and sixth if we look at Google Play.

Based on the aggregated data, WhatsApp is fifth and has already been surpassed by two direct competitors, Telegram and Signal, both curiously betting on a very different model than the Facebook service, ensuring much more careful privacy and security for all its users.

Social networks triumph on mobile, but WhatsApp loses ground

With data updated to January 2021, Telegram is already a global leader among applications for mobile platforms, moving TikTok to the second position and signing no less than 63 million downloads, almost 4 times more than in the same period of the year 2020 ... Impressive figures!

TikTok is not far behind, in any case, with its 62 million installations on mobile devices, letting from further afield it is Signal, Facebook and WhatsApp who complete the top five positions of the ranking, highlighting the importance of social networks.

Be that as it may, the most curious thing is to see how Facebook's attempts to change your terms of use on WhatsApp across the globe, with a massive exodus of users to Signal, that rises like foam, already Telegram, which also multiplies users, assuring everyone that they will not share or trade your data just as they intend to do from Mark Zuckerberg's company.

Own Pavel Durov, creator of Telegram, has stated that it is "The largest digital migration in the history of mankind", confirming that more than 100 million users have registered on Telegram only in the month of January 2021.

WhatsApp for its part maintains its position, with its new privacy policy in force since January 6, 2021, although postponing until May 15 the obligation to accept the new measures before negative comments and user leakage.

Top Apps January 2021

This is the 'top' of the most popular applications on mobile platforms, updated to January 2021.

Telegram wants no one to doubt the change, and advances with the import of chats to facilitate the process

From the management of the Russian courier service, led by Pavel Durov, they also wanted to delve into the details of its great new functionality, which aims to facilitate the task of migrating to your application by offering easy import of chats and histories.

Now available with the latest update for Android and iOS, Telegram offers us support for transferring chat history from other messaging services, including not only WhatsApp but also others like Line or KakaoTalk for now.

Right here in Andro4all we taught you to use it without major complications, since the truth is that this option is extremely simple and powerful, Durov already announcing that will improve with the possibility of combining two chats, one existing in Telegram and another imported, as long as the receiving chat has less than 100 messages.

Pavel Durov says that, in fact, this limit will increase over time so that all records can be kept together with the same feed, with plans even to provide a free API to third-party developers that allows importing messages to Telegram from any other service or any app.

Paint the future well for Telegram, and in the meantime, Facebook offices continue to decide whether to go ahead with their new terms of service or finally they go back to avoid the massive exodus of users ... The potato is on your roof!

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