WhatsApp beta shows more details on how the long-awaited multi-device mode will work

One of the most anticipated functionalities of WhatsApp is the possibility of being able to use this service from different devices with the same account and without requiring a connection on the smartphone. It's been rumored for a long time, but now we know more details of its operation and its arrival.

In WABetaInfo they continue to analyze in depth the details that arrive in the betas that are released for the popular instant messaging tool, and with version they have made new findings, such as showing how to log out of a WhatsApp account on a device iOS connected to an account. Right now, If we look for that option in the stable version, we will see the possibility of deleting the account, but not of "closing session" or "log out".


This is the expected operation of the WhatsApp multi-device support

According to WaBetaInfo, given everything we know so far, we can expect two behaviors from cross-device mode:

  • On one side, multi-device with WhatsApp Web, that is, we can use the web service without our smartphone being connected to the Internet. It is to be expected that when you have the Internet smartphone both services will synchronize.

  • On the other, we can connect up to four different devices to our WhatsApp account. This, as mentioned, could change in the future, but today it is. This part of the service would not require availability of an Internet connection on the smartphone either.

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The multi-device function works with WhatsApp Business and with the normal version. What is still unknown is which devices will be able to count as one of those four connected to the account. That is, if for example a future client for Apple Watch and other smart watches would be worth to count as one of those four. What does seem close is its launch.

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